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Randy (Homed)

Randy is sponsored by Susan and by Spark Helmore Lawyers. Hi I’m Randy and I’m a goofy athletic type looking for someone who likes to zoom about as much as I do. I looooooove my toys, showing off, having fun, and any bit of excitement really. I would be suited to a home without anything small […]

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Memphis (homed)

Hi there, I’m Memphis! You know the song that says “Then I’ll be walking in Memphis…?” well you’re lucky, because if you adopt me you’ll get to walk with Memphis! And if I get a home of my own it will feel like I’m walking with my four feet off the ground! I’m a playful […]

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Cliffy (Homed)

Cliffy is kindly sponsored by Fiona.   I’m Cliffy and once you’ve met me you might just get a  funny feeling that you’re falling in love with me…well that’s what Cliff Richard sang, and he’s a Cliffy too so it must be right! I’m a happy chap looking for my forever love. We could sit […]

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Johnny (Homed)

Johnny is kindly sponsored by Sarah, and Sandra.   I’m Johnny and I am every bit as handsome as that other Johnny (you know, Mr Depp that’s in all those swashbuckling movies?) As you can see I tried to get a bit of a moustache happening but it only worked on one side…whoopsie. That’s ok, […]

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Leroy (Homed)

Leroy is kindly sponsored by Edina & Matt.   Hi I’m Leroy – a gentle laidback lad looking for my forever couch. I am fairly sociable and easy to please. All I ask is for my new family to be good at back scratches because that my friends is my Achilles heel… a good backscratch […]

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Avril (Homed)

Avril is kindly sponsored by Samantha & Shona.   I’m Avril, but unlike my namesake I don’t have anything that’s complicated! I just need a home! I am a happy playful little girl with a big personality. I adore toys (even ones that are bigger than me!) and will do anything to get my paws […]

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Inca (Homed)

Inca is kindly sponsored by Jade.   I’m Inca and unlike the Inca warriors of long ago the only things I want to conquer is your lounge, the foodbowl, and your heart (not necessarily in that order!) Of course by conquering those three things I’ll have taken over your world anyway, but being a lazy greyhound […]

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Adele (Homed)

Adele is kindly sponsored by Sue.   Adele is a curvy little cutie looking for her forever home…it’s probably best if she sings her story to you… “Hello? Can you hear me? I’m in kennels dreaming about a couch and family. I’m so young – and now I’m free I’m forgetting how it felt before […]

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Gilbert (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Gilbert is kindly sponsored by Jodi.   What’s eating Gilbert Greyhound? He wants a home! “My name’s Gilbert, and I’m a happy boy looking for my forever lounge. I am other dog friendly (big or small), great with kiddies, and I have also tested cat tolerant! If you give me a neck scratch I’m putty […]

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Smokey (Homed)

Smokey is kindly sponsored by Jenny & Jennifer.   I’m Smokey and I am one of the most loving gentle boys you will ever meet. I get on great with other dogs big or small, cats, and children. I’m a great snuggler and will happily lay on the lounge with you all night if I […]

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