Handsome Hubert shines as an inner-city couch potato

May 30, 2020 | Success Stories

“The clock strikes 5.30am. As if on cue, I hear the pitter patter of toenails on the floorboards, swiftly followed by a wet snchoz to the face, the lower back or the underside of my foot – whichever part of my body he can reach. The message is clear: Hubert is ready for a walk!”

Catherine and Alex met Hubert for the first time on the 18th October 2019. “Standing in Blaze’s Garden at the Greyhound Rescue kennels on a warm Friday afternoon we were so excited and so nervous! When the gate opened and in strolled what looked like a cross between a seal and a horse, we were besotted immediately.”

“Hubert is the most handsome dog I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

According to Catherine, Hubert (aka Hubie or Hoobie) was brave from Day 1. Hubert ran his final race in August 2019 before being surrendered to Greyhound Rescue, but he took to apartment life in Erskineville, NSW like a duck to water.

“As he settled in and got comfy, more and more of his personality started to show” said Catherine. “While he had initially seemed like a devastatingly handsome, reserved and somewhat aloof greyhound, he slowly revealed himself to be a cheeky, goofy, baby giraffe on roller skates.”

Hubert’s favourite activities include car rides, running full pelt down the apartment corridor and skidding around corners, rearranging his bedding, hanging upside down off the couch, systematically de-stuffing each of his fluffy toys and of course, walkies.

“He also spends A LOT of time napping. I guess it must be pretty exhausting being that really, really ridiculously good looking.”

It’s just over six months since Hubert became a legal member of the family but Catherine says its like he’s always been there.

“Our life is the most perfect kind of chaos. My partner and I sitting on the floor because there’s no room on the couch, kibble crumbs stuck to the bottoms of your feet and the ever-present whiff of a recently liberated fart – they are such significant parts of our life. I don’t know what we ever thought or talked about before!”

“I remember receiving his race history via email a few weeks after we brought him home. I rushed to him, wrapped him up in a cuddle and cried. He is the most gentle, loyal companion and he loves us as much as we love him. We give him food, a warm bed and more toys than he could possibly play with and in return he gives us hearts full of love and a life of laughter.”

“I can’t recommend Greyhound Rescue enough. From the first interaction, they were so helpful and caring, answering all of our questions and providing us with as much information as they could. They’ve gone above and beyond throughout the whole process. Thank you, Greyhound Rescue for saving our big ol’ dingus and bringing him into our lives.”

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