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Effie (homed)

Hi, I’m Effie and I’m a level 5 leaner. This just means I really know how to drop a hint for an ear scratch. I am a very happy, bubbly girl who gets excited to meet anybody…everybody…everything! I want to be friends! This means of course, I’m more than happy to have a doggie companion if […]

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Virgil (homed)

Hello! I’m Virgil! You can’t miss me – I’m the boy with the cute white spot on my snoot so you know I’ll turn heads wherever you take me. It definitely ups my cute factor too (not that I need that much help!!). Overall I’m a pretty relaxed and chilled out kind of guy who’s […]

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Seven (homed)

Hi, I’m Seven. I’m an older girl looking for my dream home to spend my retirement years. My dream home is a nice quiet one where my new humans work part-time or are retired so I can receive maximum love and kindness – I’m certainly not shy about asking for a pat! As you can […]

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Emelda (homed)

Hello there! I’m Emelda and I’m a 7-year-old gal looking for my forever home. Even though I’m 7, you wouldn’t know it! I’ve got a real zest for life. I’m a fun, playful kind of girl… I just love my toys and going for a zoomie or two. You’re only as old as you feel, […]

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Toesie (homed)

Hi there, I’m Toesie. At 12 years old, I’ve not known what it’s like to live in a home as I’ve spent all of my 12 years sleeping outside in kennels. I’d very much like to see out my twilight time with a comfy warm bed and know the love of a family. I’m a […]

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Kylie (homed)

Hi, I’m Kylie and I’m 7 years young and nothing short of fabulous! Even though I’m getting a few grey whiskers I am the sweetest hound you could ever meet, so please don’t pass me by! I love a good scratch and a cuddle and I’m really hoping you’ve got a nice soft spot on […]

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Tails (homed)

Hi! I’m Tails, and I’m a happy chappy here to steal your heart! I’m a carefree kind of dude and I have a personality big enough to share with the whole family! I’m also great with other dogs and kids, not to mention sweet and cuddly so I know you will fall in love with […]

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Gustav (homed)

Hi, I’m Gustav and I’ve got plenty of gusto!! I’m a confident boy with not a worry in the world! I love a good play session (with squeaky toys please!) but I’m also happy to chill out and lap up some attention. I’m also a very good boy when it comes to those small-fluffy types […]

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Sharky (homed)

Hi there, the name’s Sharky – possibly because I might have the cutest overbite you’ve ever seen! I think it makes me even more handsome if I do say so myself. I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy and I’m most happy just chilling out and watching the world go by. Not much really […]

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Bunty (homed)

Hi there, I’m Bunty – I’m just a wee little girl, I’m not much bigger than a whippet!I can assure you what I lack in size, I more than make up for in personality. I’m a happy and confident girl with just a little bit of a cheeky streak, and there’s nothing more I love […]

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