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Selina (homed)

Hi, I’m Selina. I might be teeny tiny girl, but I’ve got an extra big heart! I can be a wee little bit shy around new things, but let me tell you – it doesn’t take me long to work out what all the good things in life are.  I’m a sweet and playful little […]

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Pippin (homed)

Hello there, I’m Pippin – a pretty little princess here to steal your heart! I’m a confident and happy girl, with just enough of a cheeky streak to make life more fun!  I love to play with my toys and do a zoomie or two but then I’m more than happy to lounge around. Oh, […]

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Daffodil (homed)

Hi there, I’m Daffodil and I’m 9 years young!  I think if they were giving out prizes for the best ‘woe face’, I’d win, paws down! Even though I’m heading towards my senior years please don’t pass me by, as I still have plenty of love to give. I’m a sweet girl with a lovely […]

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Vera (homed)

Hello! I’m Vera and I’m a sweet girl on the lookout for a chilled out home to settle down in.  I would love a family who would let me live quietly with plenty of long naps, short walks, tasty treats, a nice big yard aaaand maybe you have a nice comfy couch for me to […]

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Donut & Domino (bonded pair) (homed)

Hi there, we’re Donut and Domino. Do you ever wonder what’s better than one greyhound in your home? Well, the answer is two greyhounds of course!! The brotherly love is strong with us – we’ve spent our whole lives together so we’d really rather not be apart. We’re both sweet-natured hounds and we adore the […]

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Adora (homed)

Hello! I’m Adora, because I’m just a bit ADORAble!! I’m a petite, fun-loving little girl and I’ve been busy winning everyone over here at GR HQ with my sweet nature. I’ve got a real zest for life and love everything! People, walks, zoomies, people, toys… did I mention I love people? Put it this way, […]

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Tim Tam (homed)

Hi there, I’m Tam Tam and I’m just as sweet and tempting as a chocolate biscuit! I’m a bit of a cool dude that loves being the centre of attention – put it this way, I’m definitely not shy when it comes to asking for a pat. It’s not that hard to win me over but […]

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Sonic (homed)

Hi there, I’m super Sonic! Nice to meet you! I’m a super happy guy that will always greet you with enthusiasm and big wagging tail to let you know I need a good ear scratch. Besides asking for ear scratches, my other interests include squeaky toys, and not to mention I’m a bit of a […]

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Dobby (homed)

Hi, I’m Dobby and I’m here to charm the socks off you! Besides being ridiculously good looking, I’ve been told I have excellent manners. I’m also a self-amusing greyhound! I’m happy to entertain myself with my toys then settle in for a good chill out session. Being the affable guy that I am, besides loving […]

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Joanie (homed)

Hi, I’m Joanie. I’m a sweet and petite girl that’s happy just to laze the days away. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good zoomie now and then but then I’m happy to get back to my very important greyhound work of trying achieving maximum relaxation. I do have to tell you tho, I […]

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