ADOPT or FOSTER a greyhound

Considering giving a greyhound a new beginning by adopting, or joining the Greyhound Rescue family as a foster carer? We strive to match our dogs to families in which they will live their best life and provide ongoing support to ensure that all our hounds get the best chance of finding their happily-ever-after.
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Our Process


Apply online and a volunteer will come and meet with your family


Our team will find the perfect greyhound match to suit your lifestyle


Come to Greyhound Rescue to meet your new family member


A three-week trial period ensures you’ve found your new BFF

ADOPT a greyhound

Our adoption process is designed to find the best match between hound and family so that everyone has the best chance at success! Adoptions are carefully matched on a case-by-case basis, with our experienced staff and volunteers evaluating the temperament of the greyhound and the needs of the adopters.

Once hounds are adopted, we provide ongoing support to ensure that our greyhounds are living their happily-ever-after; simply fill in an application form and one of our dedicated volunteer Adoption Coordinators will be in touch!

The adoption fee is $495 and includes desexing, vaccination, microchipping, and all hounds are flea, worm, and heartworm treated. This fee also includes our Starter Kit which contains a collar, leash, muzzle and loads of other goodies to help you get your new hound settled into the family.

FOSTER a Greyhound

Foster carers play an incredibly important role. As a foster carer with Greyhound Rescue you will be provided with ongoing support as you start a rescued hound on their journey to pet life. We have no set time on foster care, however the average placement is 3–6 months. Greyhound Rescue will pay all necessary vet bills and flea/tick/worm medication, and provide the first bag of food for your foster hound.

Foster carers should be prepared to take on hounds with higher needs. We require carers who are willing and able to work with hounds that may be timid, have medical issues, or need further training in how they relate to other people and dogs.

If fostering isn’t right for your family, why not consider adopting a hound – we match hounds to homes on a case-by-case basis, with a three-week trial period to ensure a good fit – or perhaps sponsor a hound via our ‘Help A Hound’ program.

“We chose Greyhound Rescue because of their ethical rescue and rehoming policies. It was really important to us, and we valued Greyhound Rescue’s approach to matching a hound to our lifestyle.”

– Rebecca, Greyhound Rescue adopter

“Greyhound Rescue were really thorough in their approach and we felt comfortable that we would be supported. Being first-time greyhound owners, we were grateful for all the information that we were given. They really took the time to answer all our questions and the support they offered after we brought our hound home was so valuable.”

– Magdalena, Greyhound Rescue adopter

“Being a foster carer with Greyhound Rescue is awesome. The hounds that need a bit of extra care are the ones who benefit most from being in foster care. I’ve had eleven foster dogs now; from scared ones, to sick ones… even one with three legs! It is so rewarding and such a great way to help more hounds.”

– Cassie, Greyhound Rescue foster carer

Available Greyhounds

Greyhound Rescue matches each adoption on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best fit for your family – happy hound and happy humans.

Greyhound Success Stories

Greyhound Rescue has proudly homed hundreds of greyhounds, giving them a new beginning as a cherished family pet. Read some of our success stories!

Pie’s New Crew

Pie’s New Crew

Eating, sleeping and making new friends is the name of the game for Piemur, Pie for short. Known as Zane while at Greysland, Pie now lives with Jess and her two Moodles, with frequent visits from their two family Dachshunds as well.

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Zuma Zooms Into Hearts Everywhere

Zuma Zooms Into Hearts Everywhere

Remember those gorgeous little unicorns, also known as puppies, that arrived at Greysland just over a year ago? Well those puppies are now charismatic teens, and Zuma, (formerly known as Brit) is still a bundle of fun. She is happily living life with her dad Thomas, one of our amazing volunteers, partner Shane and two Dachshund siblings. 

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