Thinking of adopting a greyhound?

Aug 3, 2021 | Adoption, Greyhound care

Considering whether a greyhound is right for you?

You’re thinking about fostering or adopting a greyhound? They’re the most wonderful, loving and quirky pets and friends. Often, though, they are coming from a very different life to what you will give them. Most of the greyhounds that we rehome have come from the racing industry, so their experience of life is very different to that of other dogs. When they first come to your home they’re going to have some quirks, but they’re things that Greyhound Rescue will help you with, and lots of things we can anticipate. Adopting or fostering a greyhound means that you need to be willing to help them adjust to their new life as a pet.

Greyhound Rescue’s process

Greyhound Rescue’s process is really thorough to ensure that we match the right hound to each family. We have a lot of experience in placing greyhounds and are specialists on greyhounds and on transitioning them to pet life. We offer expert advice based on years of experience and the latest research on behaviour and training. Our four-step process is key to ensuring your hound’s success.

Step 1: Apply

Filling in our online application form gives us a starting point to assess your application and whether a hound is a good fit for you. Upon receiving your application form, one of our volunteer Application Coordinators will be assigned to help you through the process from start to finish. They will organise for a volunteer to come and meet with you in your home to get more of an idea of your living situation and to learn more about your family, as well as your hopes and expectiations surrounding your new family member.

Step 2: Match

Our team looks at the information that we have from your application form and your home visit and assess which available hound would be a good match for your family. How long this process takes varies based on a number of factors. If we don’t currently have a hound that will match your Application Coordinator will let you know and we will keep your application current until we have a good fit.

Step 3: Meet

You Application Coordinator will communicate with your throught the process and once we have a suitable hound they will organise a meet and greet for you to come and meet your new family member. All household members (including dogs) will need to attend this appointment at our Rescue Centre, Greysland, which is an hour south of Sydney’s CBD. At the meet and greet, a Greyhound Rescue representative will take you through some essential information, answer any questions that you may have, and introduce you to your new best friend. There is also the opportunity to shop for essentials at Greysland, or if you want to be prepared you can shop online.

Step 4: Trial

All hounds have a three week trial period before adoption is finalised. This is to help make sure that the hound is the best fit for your family, and to give everyone a chance to adjust. Your Application Coordinator will be in contact with you throughtout the trial period to offer support and to answer any questions. After three weeks they will ask if you are ready to adopt your hound and send you out the paperwork to make it official.

Are you ready for this?

Adopting a greyhound is an incredibly rewarding, truly life-changing experience. While there might be some teething problems and an adjustment period while your hound settles into their new life, it is well worth it. If you think that you and your family are up to the challenge, please fill in an application form and take the first step on this amazing journey.

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