My new name!

Aug 3, 2021 | Training

Greyhounds are given a new name when they arrive at Greyhound Rescue to signify the start of their new life. Their great names are all picked by our incredible volunteers. Even though we have given them a new name, they may not quite know it yet by the time you bring them home, or you may have a name picked out for them that you’d rather use.

Your new hound may not know their name but teaching them is not hard – in fact it is a great way to bond with them and to give them lots of positive reinforcement.

Keep sessions short, around a minute. Try to have a few sessions a day if you can – just stand in front of your new hound and say their name and immediately give them a treat. Once your hound associates their name with getting good things you’re well on your way! As sessions continue, you’ll notice that your hound responds to their name as they have come to expect a treat. 

When you call your hound, you should give them a treat whenever possible to cement the idea that their name and coming to you is a good thing. Try not to call them for anything that isn’t fun, like giving them medication or when it’s time to leave a fun activity behind, in those situations you should go to them. Keep their name for good things only and they’re more likely to respond to it

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