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Aug 1, 2020 | Adoption, Foster, Greyhound care

All you need to know about getting your home greyhound ready with our ambassador Ash London

So you think you’re ready to adopt a greyhound? It’s a super exciting time, and for new owners it can be a little daunting. Make sure you’re as prepared as you can be by following a few of our top tips to get your home and family ready for your new greyhound friend.

Greyhounds are tall… and nosey!
Your new hound may have a greater reach than you might think! Remember that all dogs explore the world with their nose and mouth, so anything that you don’t want them to get their snoot on needs to be put away or out of reach. Valuable items, tempting foods, and anything that may be harmful to your hound such as medications and chemicals should be safely secured out of reach.

Set your boundaries
Before your hounds arrives it is important that all family members are on the same page as your new friend will need consistency. If there are any areas of your home that you don’t want your hound to go you need to close off access – baby gates are good for this as they can still see, hear and smell you. Decide ahead of time where your hound will be allowed to go and stick to the rules from the outset.

Safety first
Remember that your greyhound may never have been in a home before coming in to yours. Timber and tile floors can be slippery, so lay some rugs to prevent injury. Your rescue hound may also be unfamiliar with windows and glass sliding doors, so put up some tape or decals so that they are easily seen to avoid painful and dangerous collisions. Staircases can also be a hazard to a new hound.

Set up a safe space
It is crucial that your hound has a safe space to retreat if they become overwhelmed, or just want to have an undisturbed rest. Again, it is really important that everyone in the household is aware that your new family member might need some space to decompress and that they should be left alone when they’re on their bed.

Dinner time?
It’s a great idea to keep your greyhound on the diet that they are used to too avoid tummy upset. You can purchase both kibble and fresh food at our kennels when you bring your new hound home. They might be a little off their food at first, this isn’t unusual and try not to worry too much. It can be an anxious and stressful transition for a new hound, just give them some time to get used to things.

Bringing home a rescue dog is a learning experience for everyone! There will be some ups and downs, but before you know it your long doggo will be a cherished member of the family. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, Greyhound Rescue are here to help.

Want to know what to expect on your greyhound’s first day at home? Watch our video to find out.

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