Gentle Smooch makes Judy laugh every day

Jul 31, 2020 | Success Stories

If there’s a definition of ‘Success Story’, then Judy and her boy Smooch are it! Judy adopted Smooch from Greyhound Rescue in December 2018 and the two of them haven’t looked back since. Read the latest update on this gorgeous boy from Judy below:  

“I never intended to get another dog after my last houndie, Iggy Pup, died very suddenly from osteo sarcoma. I was totally devastated. I lasted 6 months before warily checking out Greyhound Rescue’s available dogs list. Be aware, once you make that step there’s no return!

I knew I wanted an older dog. Enter seven-year-old Smooch (then Barney). When I went to meet him in December 2018, his tail was tucked under him as far as it was possible to go. He was clearly very shy but any resistance from me was futile. He had already caught me in his spell. He jumped into the car as though he had always done it and was perfect in the car the whole way home (except for the vomit just as we pulled into the driveway!) After that little misstep, he trotted off into the house, straight to the water bowl and made a bee-line to the bed he had never seen before. And that was it – Smooch was here and there was no going back.

He went almost immediately into roaching and the first in-house zoomie happened within a few weeks. He learnt to deal with the twenty-one steep steps to the back garden, to not walk into the mirrors and glass doors, he learned to love his walkies and he learned that it is OK to talk to other dogs. And he has learned how to play. Knowing that these dogs have to LEARN to play saddens me so much. It’s as though all their normal doggy behaviour has been repressed for so long.

There is so much hidden within them and that’s why every wag means just so much, every zoomie, bounce, wriggle, snort and whacky behaviour is a joy to me. He goes nuts before his evening meal. There’s a lot of nudging, an extra dose of wagging and some little squeaks.

He is still shy, especially with strangers, but he is the world’s worst guard dog. He was lying on his trampoline bed by the front door the other day in the sun when a large, complete stranger came to the door, walking within inches of him. Smooch lifted his head about 1mm, yawned and went straight back to sleep. So … he won’t talk to somebody on a walk, but he will let a big guy he’s never seen before come straight into the house!!

He makes us laugh every day. He is so totally adorable and gentle. Not to mention beautiful!

Talk to Greyhound Rescue about who could be your new whacky friend. See through the preconceptions about greyhounds and find out what really makes them as special and unique as they are. Smooch couldn’t be more loved.”

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