At Greyhound Rescue we know all too well the magic that these incredible greyhounds can bring to people’s lives.
Our Hounds Helping Humans program has been created to share this magic by brightening the lives of people who can benefit the most from connection and companionship.

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Hounds Helping Humans

Aged Care

Greyhounds are greyt candidates to assist with wellbeing in aged care services

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Do you have a hound who is confident in new situations and loves meeting people?

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Take a Bark Break! Hounds at work are scientifically proven to lift morale


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Greyhound Rescue Aged Care visit

Aged care

Greyhound Rescue has partnered with HammondCare to bring a spark of joy and companionship to people in residential aged-care homes. The program is based around regular visits from Greyhound Rescue teams of a Hound + Handler with the initial focus on HammondCare clients living with dementia.

Greyhounds are greyt candidates to assist with wellbeing in aged care services. They are generally calm and docile in nature as well as being tall enough to be accessible to people who are in wheelchairs or confined to beds. Hound + human teams have been carefully-selected for the program. Each team has undergone purpose-designed training to prepare them for the sounds, sights, activities, and equipment (such as wheelchairs and trolleys) they will encounter in an aged care environment.

Coming soon

Watch this space. More Hounds Helping Humans initiatives are underway.

Greyhound Rescue Volunteer

Volunteer with your hound

If you have a hound who is confident in new situations and loves meeting people, and you would like to be involved in the Hounds Helping Humans program, please get in touch!

Corporate visits

Our hounds can come to you!

Take a Bark Break! Hounds in the workplace are scientifically proven to lift morale, increase
productivity and reduce stress. A visit from a bunch of friendly greyhounds is exactly what you need for some team bonding! You’ll be buzzing about the visit for weeks, and everyone will be keen to take advantage of the cute photo ops.

Our corporate visit program involves us sending a team of volunteers and ‘Ambassadogs’ to your
workplace, school/university, or organisation for a Bark Break. You’ll get to spend some time hanging out and talking about greyhounds, Greyhound Rescue, and how you can get involved. We also have options for regular visits or visits across multiple sites.

Get in touch to organise greyhounds delivered to your door.

“Meaningful involvement with everyday life is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing. What a wonderful
outcome if rescued greyhounds can be given a new purpose providing happiness for the those who
are older in the community.”

– Mike Baird, CEO, HammondCare

“I knew how much it meant to my grandma to have visits in her nursing home. When I got your
email about the program I thought it would be a nice way to pay something forward and share
Captain’s love with more people.”

– Claudia Barton, who is visiting care homes with her hound

“It was so fantastic to have the ‘Ambassadogs’ come into our office! I’d recommend it to anyone! From the moment they arrived, none of us could get enough pats. The dogs were so calm; in fact, one was so chilled it just fell asleep. They seemed to have a calming effect on us all, despite our excitement at having them there. We learnt a lot about what Greyhound Rescue does, and best of all, it gave our team the chance to do a bit of a reset following a particularly busy few months.”

Ella, Greenbox