Pie’s New Crew

Jun 11, 2024 | Success Stories

Eating, sleeping and making new friends is the name of the game for Piemur, Pie for short. 

Known as Zane while at Greysland, Pie now lives with Jess and her two Moodles, with frequent visits from their two family Dachshunds as well. And the best news? Jess says “he has fit into our family from the get-go”.

Pie “splits his time between the main house and my tiny home parked on the same property,” explains Jess. “He is learning that he is not in charge, though he definitely thinks he should be!”

Pie’s full name comes from Anne McCaffery’s Pern novels. Jess mostly just calls him Pie though, which she says seems appropriate for a heavily food-oriented hound. 

“Pie is a lovable and sociable chap,” says Jess. “Pie’s favourite thing to do is eat, followed by sleep. He also enjoys a walk (more if extra people pat him) and training games, because they mean food.” 

“He has attended a greyhound pack walk and has started coming along with us to local markets for a weekend stroll.”

Jess says Pie is an amusing chap, and has gotten his entire head stuck in his enrichment boxes more than once. 

“He also wants to play with his fur sibs. We must gently discourage this, as both the Moodles are exercise restricted due to joint problems, but on the occasions when they have run Pie pulls his stride to match them and is careful about his speed.”

“I would absolutely recommend a greyhound, and to adopt through Greyhound Rescue,” says Jess. “So much care is taken in supporting the prospective owners and pairing them with the right dog.” 

“The support, advice and guidance is also a wonderful plus… the advice about muzzles and gates was priceless. The support also doesn’t end. At the six-month mark of our shared journey a neighbour notified us that our darling boy, who we thought was managing separation well, barked endlessly when we were out, which was not feedback we’d gotten previously.”

“The first person I contacted was my app coordinator, followed by the vet and we are working on retraining for separation”.

“We couldn’t be more in love with our beautiful brindle boy, or more grateful to Greyhound Rescue for this pairing.”

If there is a hound-shaped hole in your life, head over to our adoption page to submit your application and be matched with one of our beautiful Kennel Kids. 

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