Gentle giant Tyson living his best life

May 27, 2020 | Success Stories

Tyson (formerly Bobby) is a big, but gentle boy who came to Greyhound Rescue all the way back in 2014. He was a star resident at the kennels for about nine months where he was adored by everyone who met him!

Tyson was adopted by Ann and her family and has since spent many happy years snoozing in the sun with his purrfect pal Kitty, enjoying gentle head rubs and winning over everyone he meets with his loveable, quirky nature.

“He is the gentlest, softest-natured hound,” said Ann. “He still sometimes gets scared of the cat. So much so, he refuses to walk past her and will just cry until I move them both on!”

Tyson craves love and attention and his favourite place to be is on the couch with Ann, especially when she’s gently rubbing his ears and face, or in bed with his human sister when she’s at home.

“Our Tyson is very much a home boy – he LOVES being home. If we’re at a park and he’s done, he walks himself to a gate. Everyone who knows him, knows how vocal he can be when he’s ready to leave!”

When he IS out and about, Tyson loves saying hello to his doggy friends, standing in the water at the beach and letting the waves wash over him and doing his wonderful ‘dancing horse’ impression when he’s running around at the off-leash park.

While Ann said there was certainly a period of adjustment for Tyson and for her family, adopting him was such a positive thing.

“Our life revolves around Tyson’s walks and his social life. I’m ok with finding a dog hair on my food now. I’m ok about Tyson claiming most of a three-seater couch – I think even Kitty is used to having him around now.”

“Tyson is almost 12 years old now. He’s slowing down a bit but is still active and runs around most days.”

It’s been around six years since Ann adopted Tyson, but she still recommends adopting from Greyhound Rescue.

“Why? A few reasons; they love greyhounds. They care about the greyhounds in care with them and ensure their time at GR is as nurturing as possible. They care about who will be adopting and they will do their best to match a hound to a family best suited for them.”

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