Slick: Friend to the chickens and local celebrity

May 22, 2020 | Success Stories

Slick was only at the Greyhound Rescue kennels for a short time in 2018, but he wiggled his way into all of our hearts. He was lucky enough to be adopted by Tiffany and her partner in July of that year. Two years on, he’s a big brother, a friend to the chickens and a local celebrity. Here’s an update from Tiffany on what life with Slick is like:

“Slick joined our family in July 2018. His adoption profile said all he needed was a sunny spot and a loving home and it was so true. His favourite things are blankets in the sun, the couch in front of the fireplace and short walks around the neighbourhood to meet with his adoring fans. My husband took him for a walk one day and was surprised to hear people he didn’t know greeting Slick by name!

We had a baby nine months after adopting Slick and he was the family’s MVP. Slicky sat next to me for every feed, walked the streets every day with the crying baby in the pram and put up with some seriously enthusiastic baby cuddles and pats. He is my daughter’s favourite thing – one of her first words was his name! She demands to give him a pat first thing every morning and they both love it when she feeds him from her highchair (something they both know they’re not allowed to do!)

Slick is a gentle boy. After initially being interested, he now ignores our three chickens and they’re allowed to roam the yard together. He would much rather be soaking up the sun or angling for pats than chasing pesky chickens.

Slick was initially anxious when home alone. We started making him enrichment treats to keep him occupied. This made him excellent at breaking open containers. While painting the bathroom I left a tray of paint & some brushes wrapped up while at work, thinking I’d finish when I got home. Slick had other ideas and thought I’d left him a treat! A house full of white paw prints later we now just leave our bedroom door open and Slick sleeps on our bed happily for as long as we’re not here. As he’s not normally allowed up there, we both pretend we don’t know what’s happening when we get home 🙂

If someone was looking to adopt a greyhound, I’d recommend they speak to Greyhound Rescue. We were matched with a dog that fitted in well with our house and family. He is so easy-going and friendly. He’s loved by all our extended family & friends – they often argue about who gets to look after him when we go away, or plan holidays to places where he gets to come along. Greyhound Rescue also offer support after your adoption so you can ask questions about training or any problems that pop up. It’s such a lovely community of people who love these special dogs.

I’d also tell them that they’re actually less maintenance (snuggles aside) than I thought a dog would be. Slick arrived toilet trained and needs less walking, baths, grooming & training than I thought he might.

Slick is a ray of sunshine in our house. We love him to pieces and can’t imagine our family without him.”

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