Pinot getting a taste of the good life

May 15, 2020 | Success Stories

Pinot is a gorgeous, black, five-year-old girl who was surrendered to Greyhound Rescue after she suffered a broken toe and was no longer able to race. Enter Lyndell and Mat, who met Pinot for the first time in November 2019. To say these three were enamoured with each other immediately is an understatement!

“From the moment we first met her, Miss Pinot was never shy or anxious,” said Lyndell. “She was roaching on her new bed from Day 1!

Pinot’s favourite things to do are eat, sleep, receive pats, cuddle and walk, walk, walk! Lyndell says she also loves wearing clothes – PJs, coats and her ‘I love attention’ bandana (which isn’t just for show).

“She has learned to bow and leap around when she wants things her own way, as in “I’m hungry now” or “Take me for a walk now”. Mat also taught her how to fetch toys which she throws around, so we’ll throw them for her.

But, despite her cheeky nature, Pinot is lover at heart. She’s extremely loving, a great cuddler and on her first trip to the local pub, refused to leave until every single member of staff and every patron had patted her. Also added to the list of things Pinot loves is, rather unexpectedly, the saxophone!

“A local musician used to practice under a fig tree at Blackwattle Bay and she was mesmerised. Similarly, when we took her to a pub with a band, she had to get to the front to see the saxophonist.”

Lyndell says adopting Pinot was an entirely new experience for Lyndell and Mat, but its been so rewarding for them.

“It’s really the best gift you can give a grey, and of course, yourselves. We love Pinot dearly and couldn’t imagine our lives without her!

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