Freddie wins over Greyhound Rescue volunteer Bev

Jun 24, 2020 | Success Stories

What started out as a fostering arrangement, very quickly turned into what we at Greyhound Rescue lovingly refer to as a ‘foster fail’.

Freddie arrived at the kennels in mid-March 2018. From Day 1, he was very friendly, even helping another shy greyhound friend gain her confidence on walks. On May 12, volunteer Beverly headed home with Freddie as a foster.

“He fitted straight in, claiming a sleeping spot in every room in the house,” Bev said.

It took a grand total of 9 days for Freddie to convince Bev he wasn’t going anywhere!

“Freddie’s date of birth is the 21 May 2013. I adopted him on 20 May 2018. His 5th birthday present was finding his forever home.”

Freddie has gone from strength to strength with Bev by his side. He passed his Greenhound credentials on the first attempt only 4 months after his adoption. Two months later, he was certified as a Delta Therapy Dog. As a therapy dog, Freddie visits hospitals and aged care facilities to brighten the lives of the patients and residents.

“Freddie loves his outings to the nursing home – you can’t stop him from chattering with excitement throughout his visits!”

Like many greyhounds, Freddie’s daily 20-minute walks are his absolute favourite activity.

“If it gives you any indication of the depth of Freddie’s love for walks – one time he had somehow cut the pad on his hind foot. I bandaged it up and he was limping around looking for sympathy. That was until I asked if he wanted to go for a walk. Suddenly the foot was miraculously better! He was running around and jumping with excitement, no problem!

As a Greyhound Rescue volunteer, Beverley has some advice for potential adopters.

“I have seen and experienced how well the hounds are cared for at Greyhound Rescue. The volunteers really love the greys and spend a lot of time interacting with, testing and matching hounds with humans and families.

“All this love and patience means the hounds are ready to give unconditional love to their forever family.

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