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Winter (homed)

Hello there! They call me Winter, I’m not sure why though – I’m a little ray of sunshine! I’m an outgoing and happy guy with a big smile and an even bigger heart. I’m sweet natured and definitely not shy about asking for a pat. I also love to play so I just know you […]

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Hi there, I’m Falcon and I’m just a youngin’ at 3 years old. While I do love a good romp around and a zoomie or two, I’m happy with some chill time as well so I’d be down with either a home with a yard or a unit (as long as it has a comfy […]

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Mozart (homed)

Hello there! I’m Mozart! Now, I might not be able to write you a symphony (though I have been known to be a bit musical on occasion), but I’ve got plenty of other skills… did you know I can sit? That’s pretty special for a greyhound. I also play fetch too and love bringing the […]

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Floyd (homed)

Hi there, I’m Floyd F. Greyhound… the F is for FUN! I’m a happy-go-lucky boy with a real zest for life. I loooove hanging out with the hoomans (that’s where the pats come from) and my other loves include toys and food. I reckon if you’ve got a good stock of squeaky toys at your […]

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Vera (homed)

Hello! I’m Vera and I’m a sweet girl on the lookout for a chilled out home to settle down in.  I would love a family who would let me live quietly with plenty of long naps, short walks, tasty treats, a nice big yard aaaand maybe you have a nice comfy couch for me to […]

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Ezra (homed)

Hi there, I’m Ezra. I wasn’t in the best shape when I arrived here at GR HQ but thanks to lots of TLC from the lovely volunteers I’m doing so much better! I’m quite a joyful boy who loves to play and hang around people. It really hasn’t taken me long to discover the simple […]

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Donut & Domino (bonded pair) (homed)

Hi there, we’re Donut and Domino. Do you ever wonder what’s better than one greyhound in your home? Well, the answer is two greyhounds of course!! The brotherly love is strong with us – we’ve spent our whole lives together so we’d really rather not be apart. We’re both sweet-natured hounds and we adore the […]

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Adora (homed)

Hello! I’m Adora, because I’m just a bit ADORAble!! I’m a petite, fun-loving little girl and I’ve been busy winning everyone over here at GR HQ with my sweet nature. I’ve got a real zest for life and love everything! People, walks, zoomies, people, toys… did I mention I love people? Put it this way, […]

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Sundae (homed)

Hi there, I’m Sundae. Like my name, I’m a sweet boy looking for my forever couch. You see, I’m quite timid and will need an extra special family who will take the time to gently and patiently bring me out of my shell. I’m a little bit unsure of this big wide world so I […]

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Tim Tam (homed)

Hi there, I’m Tam Tam and I’m just as sweet and tempting as a chocolate biscuit! I’m a bit of a cool dude that loves being the centre of attention – put it this way, I’m definitely not shy when it comes to asking for a pat. It’s not that hard to win me over but […]

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