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Barney (homed)

Hi! The name’s Barney. I know I might be a little grey in the muzzle, but I can assure you I still have plenty of love to give and if I do say so myself, I’m quite the catch! I like to fancy myself as a bit of a gentleman – I’ve got excellent manners […]

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Will (homed)

Hi there, I’m Will. Just because I’m a little older, please don’t look me by! I can assure you this ‘grey’ coat of mine is just my natural colour 😉 I’m a VERY affectionate and cuddly boy with excellent manners, I think I’ll fit into this pet life just fine. I’m good with other big […]

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Arty (homed)

Hi, I’m Arty, nice to meet you! Since I’ve been here at GR HQ, I’ve been thinking of creative ways that could help me find my new home – but then I realised, I don’t think I have to try very hard! Besides my good looks, I reckon I’m a bit of a catch! I’m […]

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Connor (homed)

Hi! I’m Connor and at only 18 months old I’m still just a baby! I’m a super cuddly, playful boy and I just LOVE toys. I’m really looking forward to having a whole stash of toys I can call my own! Once I get my pupper zoomies out of my system, I’m happy just to […]

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Tokyo (homed)

Konnichiwa! I’m Tokyo, and I’ve been busy mastering the art of zen here at GR HQ while I wait for my forever home. That’s right, I’m the most chilled out guy you’ll ever meet – I’m super affectionate, love kids, other big dogs and I’m not fussed if I live in an apartment or a […]

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Patricia (homed)

Hi there, I’m Patricia – the smoochiest girl with the curliest tail! Really, sometimes I think it has a mind of it’s own! I’m an affectionate, laid back kind of girl and I would love a family who would let have plenty of long naps, short walks, tasty treats, and a comfy lap to snuggle into. […]

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Izzy (homed)

Hi there, I’m Izzy. Although I can be shy with new things at first I’m certainly getting used to all this love and attention from the volunteers here at GR HQ! I’m a sweet girl who’s a bit of a goofball at heart. I’m great with other dogs and think I’d do really well in […]

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Ada (homed)

Hi, I’m Ada and I’m hoping I could be your friendly neighbourhood watchdog. With my ears, I certainly don’t miss much! Underneath my fabulous ears, you’ll find I’m a cheeky playful gal that will use all of my charms to get my own way (extra snacks, cuddles, playtime…). It usually works, I mean who could […]

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Mindy (homed)

Hi, I’m Mindy, it’s nice to meet you! Now, you might notice my grey whiskers but it just means I’m wise beyond my years! I’m really still quite young at five. I can be a little bit timid at first around new things, but once I get to know you – I’m the smoochiest girl […]

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Titan (cat tolerant) (homed)

Harooo! My name is Titan and need to find a my forever home. I am looking for a quiet household. Little humans are too noisy for me. My den needs to be zen! I could do with a big doggy friend to play with and for the company. I’ve got toilet training in the bag. In […]

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