Sarah Jane (homed)

Hi I’m Sarah Jane! I’m a quieter girl that likes to snooze all day. I can be a little timid to begin with and need to take my time to get used to new situations but once I get to know you I’ll love you forever. I’m not much of a city gal, living in a nice quiet neighbourhood would suit me just fine. I get along with dogs big and small, as long as they’re not too excitable. Small human types are ok by me too! I am really so easy to please and just want to find my perfect forever home that don’t expect me to do much but be a couch ornament.

A note from Sarah’s foster carers:

Sarah is a very quiet and timid greyhound. She doesn’t expect much from her humans and in return she hopes they don’t expect too much of her. She currently lives with 3 adults and a 2.5 year old child. If things in the house ever get too noisy or chaotic she quietly takes herself outside or to a different room so she can go back to sleeping peacefully on a lounge. She loves a cuddle but you won’t ever see her nagging you for one (except if it’s really windy outside, she likes to be close and cuddly then!) She is the most hilarious dog at relaxing! Since we’ve been fostering Sarah I think we all spend more time laughing and watching her sleep than we do watching TV.

She gets along fine with children and other dogs big and small as long as they don’t bother her or get up in her face. The initial greet she is okay with, but if they start to get too energetic or playful she can sometimes get a little scared, especially if she is on the leash and can’t get away. She has been in a house with small fluffy dogs and had no interest at all in them. She did give a little ‘go away’ bark when she got overwhelmed by them wanting to play, but once they got the hint and left her alone she was fine. 

She loves jumping in the car and going to the enclosed oval for a 5min run and then a sniff, and she enjoys going for walks at the dog beach. But despite our efforts she never got over her fear of walking around the streets. We spent at least a month trying to get her to be comfortable with walks along the street but every time she would be absolutely petrified and every few steps she’d try to run back home. On the plus side we know she’ll never run away! So at present she isn’t walked daily, but we aim for about 3-4 walks a week depending on how busy we are because it means getting her in the car and going to the beach, bike track or oval. It’s strange, she has zero fear in any of these places so it’s just only along roads that terrify her. If she has excess energy at home she tends to just do a couple of laps of the yard to burn what she needs and then goes back to sleep.

She doesn’t suffer separation anxiety and is completely fine with being left alone when everyone is at work. She doesn’t destroy things, but we do buy her a large bone every week or two which she LOVES and keeps her occupied.

Overall she is a beautiful, sweet and gentle dog and deserves a loving home.

If I sound like the hound for you get in touch with my people at

  • DOB: 22.01.12
  • Microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cats: No
  • Other Dogs: Good, as long as they aren’t too high energy
  • Children: Yes

Sarah Jane is kindly sponsored by Kristy, Margo, Karen, Amanda, and Shaynna and the beautiful Meg memorial team at Inked Australia.

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