Annie the Smoocher

Mar 5, 2024 | Success Stories

When Kia and Jacqui applied to adopt a greyhound with their housemate Phoebe, they were expecting “a large, muscular, independent doggo”. Then they met teeny tiny Annie, their pointy-eared smoocher.

Annie had lived in a home for some time before she needed to find her next forever home, due to no fault of her own. And a testament to the resilience of our pooches, Annie is now thriving in her home with Kia and Jacqui. 

“Annie has smooched her way into our family without an inch of trouble thanks to Greyhound Rescue’s advice” says Kia. 

“We are her second and final fur-ever home. And she still adores us like we are her first and only loves.”

Annie spends her days living like royalty, always “poised and regal”. That is, Kia says, until she forgets her majestic ways and goofily hangs with her tongue out. 

Agro was the resident pooch when Annie moved in, and they soon became fast friends. 

“Annie dotes over her brother Agro,” says Kia. 

“If Agro does not cooperate with playing, Annie will mouth a back leg out from under him. She will also try to get his attention by flinging toys around the lounge room for him to chase.”

Annie loves walkies and de-fluffing both pillows and santa-claus, but what she loves most is cuddles! 

“She is happy as long as she can be right on top of us, being patted at all times. But as social as she is with us, if we have visitors she is nowhere to be seen until they leave, same rule applies for children, cats and men. Works perfect for us.”

If no one is home, Annie has found a slipper will do. 

Kia and Jacqui highly recommend adopting a greyhound, “the perfect no-smell, low-shedding, unobtrusive dog”.

“Good for lazy days and lying on the couch but they also love walkies” says Kia. “I did not want a dog bigger than a toy dog, however Annie takes up much less space than our Jack Russell. And I can buy her clothes!”

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