Meet Pebble: Carefree and Full of Charm

Apr 9, 2024 | Success Stories

Nicole and family initially welcomed Pebble into their home on a foster basis. But it didn’t take long for them to fall in love and decide to adopt him. And we’re happy to share Pebble is still living his best life with his family a year later. 

“Pebble has really started to show his personality over the last few months and we’ve come to know that he is very affectionate and loves meeting new people,” says Nicole. 

“He is a very chill dog and will happily spend most of the day lying down on his bed. My partner and I are both fortunate to work from home most days of the week so it’s great having Pebble keep us company while we work,” explains Nicole. 

“He’s very low maintenance so after we walk him in the morning he’s quite content with just lying down on his bed next to us while we work.”

For a long while Pebble was the opposite of a couch potato, taking no interest in jumping up on the lounge. But when the family went on a trip away, he soon learned of their comfort. 

“While we were away, our house sitter sent us a photo of him making himself comfortable on our couch,” laughs Nicole. “Now that we’re back, we often find him making his way on there for a cheeky lie down.”

Some other things Pebble loves – treats (chicken especially), and going for a ride in the car. A confident boy, he will happily go on walks twice a day (except when it’s raining!) and say hi to the other neighbourhood dogs. 

Nicole believes greyhounds to be very easy dogs to look after and suited to all kinds of homes.

“We live in an apartment and have not had any issues. Despite being known for running really fast they are actually quite chill dogs and would love nothing more than a snooze and being around other people.”

“If you’re unsure you can start with fostering for a few months and then go from there, that’s what we did and we ended up foster failing with Pebble.”

“Greyhound Rescue are a very professional organisation and helped with every step along the way to make sure that Pebble settled into pet life. Everyone who works/volunteers there also cares deeply about greyhounds and make sure each one goes to the right home.”

“Pebble has added a lot to our lives and is a great addition to our little family,” says Nicole. “Thank you Greyhound Rescue for matching us with this sweet boy.”

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