Marjorie Finds Her Place to Call Home

Apr 2, 2024 | Success Stories

Marjorie was living in a foster home when Michael applied to adopt a hound. When he heard about this lovely older lady that he had matched with, well let’s just say it was a very happy match! 

Michael is pleased to now say that Marjorie is living her life as a very relaxed and fulfilled hound.

“Marjorie has fit in wonderfully in the family and has made herself right at home!” he says. “She has made herself comfortable with my routines and has picked out her favourite spots to nap.”

And while she is content when she gets to sleep all day, she also “loves meeting people and just having someone around her to keep her company”.

“I was so happy to be able to give her a loving home to be able to spend the rest of her life sleeping, eating, walking and being happy and comfortable,” says Michael. 

The charming Marjorie has two favourite things she loves to do. “Firstly she absolutely loves her food! Breakfast, dinner time and treats are her favourite times of the day,” Michael explains. “Her other favourite thing to do is to go on a walk – as soon as she knows it is time to go out she is dancing and running around everywhere! She loves seeing and smelling the world around her!”

She’s even a bit of a character when fast asleep.

“She always gets herself into the most unusual positions and I can never understand how she is comfortable, yet she will still happily sleep the day away,” Michael says. 

Michael has found greyhounds to be such “loving and friendly dogs that have such great personalities.” 

“They are a constant source of company, happiness and joy that will just make your world so much brighter!”

“Greyhound Rescue take such great care in ensuring they find the right greyhound for your lifestyle. Throughout the process they continuously demonstrate their love for these amazing animals in setting them up with their best possible home.”

Michael says some of the most helpful advice he received was to use “Marjorie’s favourite food, chicken, as a support device for walks and just generally settling her into the home.” 

“I found this to be helpful in allowing her to quickly feel comfortable and settled into living in her new home with me.”

“I cannot thank Greyhound Rescue enough for allowing Marjorie to come into my life! She has been such a great source of company, laughs and smiles that I cannot imagine her having not been in my life! Thank you to all those involved in the process and for the ongoing amazing work that Greyhound Rescue does.”

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