Looking For Quiet Places To Walk With Your Hound? Consider These. 

Mar 26, 2024 | Greyhound care, Hound-friendly walks

Sometimes a quiet area is just what the doctor ordered when helping your greyhound to gain confidence and learn to enjoy their walks. They might be timid, reactive, or have simply had a negative experience in your local area. But depending on where you live, these quiet places aren’t always easy to find. 

Sterling the greyhound on walk in bush

Some of the aspects we look for when choosing where to walk your timid or reactive hounds include: 

  • No narrow areas where either you or your hound may feel trapped by other members of the public;
  • Spaces that are open with long lines of sight – no blind corners where your dog could be surprised;
  • Areas where you have ample opportunity to move away any time you sense your hound is uncomfortable.

Here are a few places we’ve found to be ideal locations when you’re looking for solitude on your walk:

Business Parks 

Business parks on weekends can be great places for walks. With few people around, other dogs few and far between, generally wide roads and footpaths available, they can be an ideal spot for your timid and reactive hounds.


A cemetery may not be the first place you think of when deciding where to walk your greyhound, but many are available to dog walkers provided they stay on a lead and you are respectful of your location. Always check your local cemetery and their regulations, but if you’re looking for a relatively secluded walk, this is a great option to consider.

Bushwalks & Trails

Take a walk on the wild side! Bushwalks provide quiet, plenty of sniffs, and some all-round good exercise away from the hustle and bustle of the city / suburbia. Spending some time in nature is always good for us hoomans too. Dog friendly fire trails are another good option, as they are reasonably flat for hounds who may struggle climbing over rocks or with stairs. Be sure to make sure it’s pooch friendly and not in a National Park before you go. 


Sniffspaces are private spaces you can rent by the hour, with your pooches able to enjoy some safe and secure outdoor time. There are a variety of locations available, with properties of all shapes and sizes. You can find out more about them here.

Have you found any other quiet spaces you love to take your greyhound for walks? Let us know!

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