The Exuberant Chick

Mar 19, 2024 | Success Stories

You may remember the renowned artwork ‘Nood Descending a Staircase’, painted by a beloved Kennel Kid named Chick. It was so great, it was even signed by British comedian and musician, Bill Bailey. We’re pleased to say that artist Chick is happily living in his forever home, with Brian and Pam. 

Brian and Pam say that the energetic Chick hasn’t slowed down since moving into his forever home, over a year ago. 

“Although he had never been inside a house before, after the initial shock he gradually settled in and has fitted in well,” say Brian. 

“Like most greyhounds, he loves to sleep but he hasn’t found our lounges or beds yet as he is very comfortable with his own beds.”

Chick has found some aspects of home life a little challenging, including walking on slippery tiled floors, learning not to jump on people when excited and working through his tendency to freeze on walks. Going for a walk further afield however, via a fun trip in the car, is much more to Chick’s taste. A walk at a park, near bushland or on the beach… Chick loves the serenity of these walks away from traffic and noisy streets. 

Squeaky toys are very much appreciated by Chick, throwing them “around all over the place including being taken at pace through the house and in the backyard during one of his zoomies.”

Chick is a great digger, and he’s created a fun game where he digs the hole and it magically get s filled back up! 

“He started to dig a hole in the middle of our back lawn where there was a bare patch so I fixed it by laying turf in that area,” laughs Brian. 

“Not to be outdone he found another section in our garden that he started digging. So every time he digs the hole I fill it up so he can have another crack later. Thus we are happy all round.”

Brian and Pam have found adopting a greyhound most enjoyable. 

“We have been fortunate that both greyhounds we have had have adjusted reasonably well, with some hiccups on the way.”

“You may need to make some changes to your lifestyle, but they can be minor and the benefits of having a loving companion can offset that,” says Pam. 

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