“Rosie (previously Nikki) came to our home on 1st July 2011 and we could not imagine life without her anymore. Rosie is 9 years old but acts like a puppy. She loves to play and run and is very active. She makes us laugh every day and has a wicked sense of humour. For example she happily drinks water out of the dirty watering can or bird bath in the garden although we provide her with Brita filtered water. Or she starts squeaking her toys at 4 am in the morning to let us know she needs to go out. She cracks us up every day and it would be hard to image our home without her. Rosie is very easy going, gentle and affectionate. We can take her anywhere without any issues and she happily travels by car. We can take her to our friends’ house where she patiently waits until it is time to go home again. She is also very friendly with our friends’ two year old daughter. She wags her tail when she sees the little one and patiently sits through “tea parties” with the baby.

Rosie is also very patient with us when we bathe her. She clearly does not like it but she just patiently stands in the tub until it is all over. Her favourite thing to do though is cuddle up with you. She loves affection and if you could pet her all day, she’d love that. Another hobby of Rosie’s is to hide things in the house and garden. She loves to dig up holes in the garden and hide her toys from us. She also loves hiding them under the couch cushions. Rosie has also a passion for hiding food from her bowl in the sofa. But we would not have it any other way and are just happy that she settled into our house well and is happy.”

Another wonderful success story for a beautiful greyhound who even at the age of 9 years old can find happiness and love. Rosie’s twilight years will be the best ever!

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