Prince strikes it lucky in Tasmania

Early in April, Prince found a new home in Tasmania and has really landed on his feet and we cannot thank his new family enough. His new owner Zac writes:

Just to let you know Prince is loveing his new life. He spends 14 hours a day on my bed. usualy messing it up. he is verry good for warming up our bed for us as well so he is saving us money :). he spends a hour a day down at the local off the leash park witch is about 8 achers. and he meets many frends there. (at least 12 dogs sometimes up to 20) he greets every dog with a wagging tail and a kiss there are some very small dogs taht go to this park which sometimes get a bit scared of him  untill he comes up and gives them a big kiss.  he also loves to visit with our inlaws. they live on a 8 acher block  about 2 hours away form us with 3 lassy dogs. he runs aournd with them and plays alot. Prince is starting to show alot more of his personality witch is a sweet huggie mosnter. He is verry respecitful of all the rules and was easy to teach not to wee inside the house.

I only have to show him once how to do someting and he will do it. He has ajusted well to the tempretre heare in Tasmainia but is starting to feel the cold a bit more. we have made him a sprical jumper from old jumpers which he likes alot. He also has demonstrated that he loves kids which is not hard to beleve considering his loving nature. He defently has fallen in love with his new life and has put on aout 3 kg. He will need to put on another 2 to be at his normal weight limit.



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