Ebony (cat friendly) (homed)

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Ebony is cat friendly!

Don’t be mistaken by the greying muzzle, this young lady is full of beans and just as active as any dog half her age!  Ebony is a loving, and affectionate girl who delights in being shown any attention.  Initially she has trouble containing her excitement when taken out for a walk and jumps with joy.  Having said that, Ebony is just so pleased to now be receiving some care and attention and her life from here on will be much brighter indeed!

Greyhounds often don’t ‘sit’ like other dogs do, but Ebony does, yet her gangly long legs look very awkward as she sits in such an odd manner, but she’s comfortable sitting and that’s all that matters.

Ebony is a standard in size for a female greyhound and apart from her loving nature, she is an attractive girl.  With a little love and nutrition whilst in our care, Ebony’s coat will be glistening and the fur on her tail and rear will return.

A lovely dog who is very deserving of the best home, Ebony is in search of her new life and looks forward to being a much loved family member.

Ebony has lots to offer and we are sure her new family will not be disappointed.  She’s really a delight to spend time with and a joy to have around. She requires a foster so please get in touch if you think you can become a foster to one or more of our greyhounds.

Ebony is:

  • 3 years old (dob 1.5.10)
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • located Sydney
  • adoption costs $300
  • cat friendly
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