Butch has found a wonderful home in Victoria with Jessica & Damian, their two daughters and young son and the whole family seem to be having great fun. Jessica writes:

‘Butch, our much loved Greyhound Rescue greyhound is perfect, adored and wonderful. Here are our chidrens’ accounts:

About 6 weeks ago my family and I adopted Butch. He has been the perfect fit into our family. I love coming home from school to take him for a walk. I take him for a run about 4 kms. When we get home he has a long drink and a lay down. Sometimes if Butch gets bored he runs round the running track he has made in our yard. And also, Butch gathers our things, but we don’t worry if we lose anything because it will be on his bed. From Til

We have had Butch for 6 weeks now. We are all getting along very well. He is good on walks and stops at driveways and roads. Butch is very nice to go on runs with. He tends to leap more than run. He also loves to run up our driveway. I must say though, that of a night when the family is sitting down on the couch, Butch has most of the room and the family ends up down one end!!. When he sleeps with me in my single bed I am only half on the bed! Butch and our family cat Hazel get along quite well and we often see them sleeping nose to nose on the couch. We have family and friends with dogs and they all get along fine together. Even though people know greyhounds are very good runners Butch can get very tired and after a walk he loves to make himself very comfortable on the couch. Butch loves his food and eats a lot of it, not to mention how much he loves his treats. I think Butch loves his new life here in Red Hill. WE LOVE YOU BUTCH. Em Ord.

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