Volunteer of the Month

Our volunteers are the very backbone of what we do at GR. Without them, we could not possibly save and rehome as many greyhounds as we do. While every single one of our volunteers is important no matter how much they do whether hands on with the dogs or behind the scenes, every month we are introducing just one of them to you and acknowledging their amazing efforts. These volunteers have demonstrated exceptional passion, commitment, reliability, and co-operation to make GR what it is, and we thank them tremendously.

Sarah Thomas – February Volunteer of the Month

Birthday: 14th June

1.When and how did you first get involved with GR?

After learning about the plight of greyhounds in Australia and finding some spare time from work I got in touch with Peter to enquire about how I could help in GR. I first started volunteering for GR in October 2013 and I’ve been doing the Tuesday morning shift at the kennels ever since.

2.Do you have any greyhounds or dogs of your own?

I have 2 whippets, Indie and Zephyr and a greyhound Reg who was a spectacular foster fail! We adopted him 2 years ago from GR.

3.What do you find most challenging about GR?

The hardest part about looking after our kennel kids is seeing the sometimes terrible situations these dogs come from. And then after you spend so much time with them week after week, you start to see their true personalities shine through. The transformation is amazing and its wonderful to be part of a team of people so dedicated to helping these dogs. You really get so attached to them and the longer they’re in kennels the harder it is to say goodbye to them when they find their forever home, but its of course a happy farewell.

4.Why do you support GR as opposed to other rescue groups?

GR relies purely on donations and the amount of time, energy and resources that go into saving these dogs is incredible. The no kill policy was also really important to me.

5.When your friends or family find out that you volunteer what do they say or ask?

They mostly ask about what greyhounds are really like, so I get to dispel lots of myths about them and tell people how lovely they are to be around.

6.What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering

Do it! You meet some amazing people, as part of this team you make a huge difference to the dogs and its great knowing you’re a part of giving them a wonderful new life.

7.What do you do when you aren’t volunteering or working?

I love to go running, and I love planning the next travel adventure.

8. What might someone be surprised to learn about you

I love watching french films

9. If you could use three words only to describe greyhounds, what would they be?

Gentle, affectionate and forgiving

10. And lastly, who is your favourite kennel kid at the moment and why!

Loki is my favourite kennel kid! He really is such a smoocher, he loves to play and go for a run but he’s equally as happy having a cuddle with me too.

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