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On average, it costs $1100 for GR to home a greyhound. This includes basic vetwork, kennelling, food, and flea and treatment costs. Without our sponsors and donations, Greyhound Rescue could not possibly do the work it does. We are tremendously thankful for them, because they really do help us save lives.

This year we would like to introduce you to the people who help us every month. They are everyday ordinary people helping us do extraordinary things!


Karen Coventry


Birthday: September 4th 1953

1.When and how did you first start donating to GR?

I have been trying to think about when I started to donate to Greyhound Rescue. I can’t actually remember the date but it was when Sue Tofful was involved. I think it was Sue that ignited the spark that grew to a deep love of greyhounds. I remember seeing a post about greyhound rescue and they were asking for people to become sponsors and I thought I can do that!!!! And the rest is history.

2.Do you have any greyhounds or dogs of your own?

I have 2 greyhounds that I adopted in late 2014. Max was 10 months old when he found his forever home. He is my heart dog and he loves me more than anyone.  He never raced as he was injured and deemed unsuitable. Lucy was 4 and she is an ex racer. She is also my heartdog and she loves us all equally. Max found his feet in his new home immediately but it has taken Lucy 2 years to become the happy joyous dog she is today.

3.How does it make you feel to sponsor?

I remember how I felt as a sponsor when I didn’t have my own Greys and it was a wonderful feeling, I would love all my sponsor dogs as if they were my own. I love to be able to buy little goodies for them and feel overjoyed when they find their forever home. I think it’s a most wonderful and worthwhile thing to do and wish I did live closer to help at the kennels

4.Why do you support GR as opposed to other rescue groups?

Greyhound rescue stood out from the beginning as an organisation totally committed to the care and rehoming of hounds. I always felt that they give a 100% to the care of their rescues as has been evidenced over the years with fundraising to help those in the most need. The volunteers and those on the committee are exceptional.

5.When your friends or family find out that you sponsor a hound what do they say or ask?

Initially they used to say oohhh they are so ugly, thin, have such long noses etc. But once they understood why I do it and certainly since I have my own dogs they understand. I always try to be an ambassador for greyhounds and will spend time with people explaining to them what exceptional dogs they are. The main things people used to say is “why don’t you adopt your sponsor dog” these words would break my heart because the time was not right and my heart used to break because I couldn’t take them all home.

6.What would you tell someone who is thinking about sponsoring?

I would tell them that this would be the best thing you could ever do, as you will certainly foster then adopt and find the most wonderful dog in the whole world who you will love unconditionally and eventually they will love you unconditionally back. I also tell those who think they need lots of room and exercise that Greyhounds were voted the best inner city pets. That gets them thinking.

7.What do you do when you aren’t working?

Playing with my hounds of course. Max loves to play ball with his “mummy” so that does keep me busy. I also have a beautiful Anglo who is retired (hurt) whom I spend a lot of time with. As I don’t ride anymore I am having golf lessons and will start to play golf soon. I enjoy music, wine and going out. I do work a lot but I will also do volunteer work when I retire.

8.What might someone be surprised to learn about you

People always think that I am a very strong person (which I am mostly) but I am a “crier” I cry when I am happy and when I am sad. I feel other people’s pain deeply and I often cry for them. I am very competitive and if I do something I want to be good at it, so I persist till I am. So watch out golfers :0)

9.If you could use three words only to describe greyhounds, what would they be?

Joyous, faithful and oh so loving.

10.And lastly, who is your favourite kennel kid at the moment and why!

I love Queenie she is so beautiful and she so looks like my heart dog Max



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