Racing Ban Reversal

While we are extremely disappointed with the planned reversal on the greyhound racing ban in NSW, we at Greyhound Rescue will continue to do as we have always done – continue to rescue and rehome hounds that need our help. We are not activists as all our energy and limited resources is focused on rescue – but we will always support those that do and will continue to fight for an end to greyhound racing however we can.

Regardless of the announcement today it is not the end of the greyhounds’ journey or their story.

A lot of people have put in a tremendous effort to be their voice and a lot of progress has been made – the plight of greyhounds and their welfare have been put in the spotlight like never before. The Racing Industry has been put on notice, and will be watched very closely for the changes that have been, and are planned to be made. We welcome anything that improves the welfare of the hounds.

We have had an increase in adoptions following the release of the Special Commission of Inquiry’s Report in July and have been flooded with enquiries and messages. Our volunteers have been working harder than ever before behind the scenes to keep up! Let’s not lose that momentum – keep sharing, keep supporting us and other independent rescue groups, and being the voice for greyhounds throughout Australia. Whatever the government is doing our work does not stop. The greyhounds that need our help can’t wait for politicians, they need us every day!

Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors for all the encouragement, support, and fund raising to help us do our job. As we get no official help we could not have saved and homed over 1000 greyhounds without you – that is the power of a community. And finally an enormous thankyou to all of our volunteers in their various roles for sacrificing so much to help the hounds. We will never give up.


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