Manly Daily – Homes needed when last races have been run

If you’re not sure if a greyhound will fit into your life, you can give it a go by fostering one. The Manly Daily talks to the Breyer family about the benefits of fostering. 

WHILE greyhound racing continues, dogs still need loving homes once their career is over.

Yvonne Breyer with sons Charlie Glancy, 8, and Connor Glancy, 9, with one of their adopted greyhounds, Willow. Picture: Adam Ward

If you’re not sure if one of the gentle pooches will fit into your life, you can give it a go by fostering one.

Greyhound Rescue, which has declared April Adopt-A-Greyhound Month, has more than 50 dogs in need of new homes.

The Breyer family, of Forestville, had fostered three greyhounds this year – including cute Alexander the Greyt, who found living in a house a confusing concept.

“He didn’t recognise glass doors, wasn’t sure how to navigate stairs and was very curious about everyday noises we take for granted,” Yvonne Breyer said.

“Despite this big learning curve for him, this gorgeous four-year-old boy took to life as a pet with lightning speed.

“Greyhounds are quite unlike most other dog breeds. There are some obvious advantages. They practically have no doggie smell, shed very little hair and rarely bark,” she said.

The charity pays for vet bills while carers pay for everything else.

The Breyer family ended up keeping two of the dogs they fostered.

Mrs Breyer said despite their racing heritage, they were actually big softies.

“All the greyhounds we have met so far love stuffed toys. They will pick up toys, as well as shoes, and carry them through the house,” she said.

Greyhound Rescue founder Peter Flann said some people worried about getting attached to their foster dogs.

“Carers can always adopt but, like Yvonne, they tell us it is a great feeling to see their foster dog settle into its forever home.” Mr Flann said.

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