Pet Rescue – How Hildy the greyhound became the star employee at FBi Radio

PetRescue is an animal welfare organisation and charity. They ran a story about a community radio station’s ‘adoption’ of greyhound Hildy on their website which gets 30,000 visits viewing 9,000+ rescue pets every day, plus social media feeds. 

Fostering a rescue pet at your workplace isn’t just a good idea, it’s all kinds of genius. For times when you’re sweating to meet a deadline, or snoozing away at the spreadsheets piling up on your browser, a big hug from a goofy doggo, purry cat or a snuggly pocket pet is the key to keeping yourself from going absolutely bonkers and turning any Monday into an affirmative #MonSLAY.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our new pals at FBi Radio!

Hildy from Greyhound Rescue landed her first job at FBi Radio this year and almost immediately rose the ranks to become the Managing Director… of pats and naps. She charmed her way into the hearts and minds of all her colleagues and was officially declared too cute to do any mundane paperwork. Can we trade places, Hildy?

“FBi Radio is a pretty wonderful place to work, but as any workplace does, it can get stressful. Hildy improves morale in the office tenfold! Whether she’s sporadically running up to everyone to say hello, or just sleeping in the corner being cute, she’s given us something to bond over and love collectively,” said Tanya, Partnerships Manager, FBi Radio.

Hildy made work so special for all her human colleagues that the MD of FBi Radio, Nikki, who fell in love with Hildy’s sweet personality and calming presence, decided to officially adopt her!

Such are foster fails we heart!

Nikki initially ran into hurdles because her current landlord wouldn’t allow pets. However, a house certainly wasn’t going to keep Nikki away from her beloved doggo, and within days, Nikki packed her bags and moved to a new home that would welcome her rescue pet with open arms!

“I’ve gone from having my own office to sharing full time with a sleeping greyhound, which is actually pretty cute. My boyfriend and I also moved house specifically to adopt her (we were in a strictly no-pets property prior), so you could say she’s changed life pretty dramatically – but in the best way.”

Phew, pets can move mountains, people.

“Workplace foster care programs are a brilliant idea and FBi Radio should be commended for this initiative. Many rescue animals can benefit from this approach – including greyhounds – because it gives so many opportunities for further socialisation, as well as an introduction to a great range of human noise and movement,” said Nat Panzarino, Chair, Greyhound Rescue.

PetRescue’s WorkPlace Foster Care Program started with a mission to help deserving rescue pets find foster carers while bringing the love of a pet to a workplace. Pets have been found to reduce stress, improve productivity, and act as a natural ice breaker to help newbies settle in.

Workplace foster doesn’t just do wonders for employee productivity, but also helps free up space in volunteer-run rescue groups who can then use their resources to help more pets in need. So basically, you’re saving more lives and making yours more awesome at the same time!

Image Credits: Nicole Louise Creative  

Is your workplace short of productivity-boosting paws? We know some folks for the job! Through our Workplace Foster Care Program, we can match your workplace with suitable pets who are people and office-friendly, and toilet-trained! Click here to learn more about our Workplace Foster Care Program

See the article here.

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