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Many people would like to score a job in the pet industry, but it’s a competitive gig.

Greyhound Rescue volunteer, Eugene Wang, was recently employed by a Sydney kennel/cattery which advertised for someone with experience, plus a volunteering background.

“Getting your foot in the door in the companion animal industry is extremely difficult, but volunteering offers an opportunity for you to demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion,” said Eugene.

“Being a vollie puts you way ahead of hopefuls whose only experience is their pet Labrador. I began volunteering at Greyhound Rescue over a year ago, having been interested in animal welfare ever since adopting my first dog Coco, a Maltese boy, now aged five years.”

Eugene chose to volunteer with Greyhound Rescue (GR) as it was the first rescue group he got to know.

“I highly recommend volunteering. Not only will you gain experience, make friends and cuddle cute puppy dogs, but it’s our duty to help rescue animals. Greyhounds especially need help.”

Eugene said GR volunteers walk, feed, clean, play with the dogs and groom them, as well as  play a super important role in each dog’s journeys to its ‘forever’ home.

“Kennel volunteers provide the routine necessary for a greyhound to be able to relax, come out of its shell, show off its personality, play around and get a taste of all the luxuries pet life has to offer,” he said.

Eugene said his new employer also wanted someone with four other qualities: passion, safety, efficiency and the ability to handle emergencies.

“I’ve been a regular head volunteer handling a daily shift at GR’s kennels, so passion was easy to show as was safety. Working with greyhounds which are new to pet life, teaches you not to be complacent and to work safely,” he said.

Eugene said demonstrating efficiency, the third requirement, was no problem!

“At one point, we were critically short on volunteers at GR’s kennels, so I regularly had to cover three vollie jobs myself in the same timeframe. I’ve learnt to do multiple things at once and never to waste time,” he said.

“Lastly, I had to show I knew about how to respond effectively to emergencies. We’re well trained at GR by the kennel manager and other senior vollies to respond to challenging situations without panicking.”

He said people interested in finding out more about what GR does, can read about their work here –

“People who’d like to adopt a greyhound, or become foster carers, can complete an application form.  GR’s greyhounds are de-sexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested, for only $350 each,” said Eugene.

“They need more volunteers at their rented kennels near Camden. We need people, especially for weekend shifts and mid-week shifts. Shifts are 8-11am and 2-5pm.”

People interested in volunteering should complete an application form on GR’s website –

Greyhound Rescue, a registered charity, relies on donations which are tax deductible, as well as fundraising.


See the article here.

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