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Shelby (homed)

Hello! I’m Shelby and I’m a fun-loving girl with plenty of personality! I’m a bit of a fitness enthusiast, who’s always excited to get out and about. I would love a home with loads of toys to play with and a backyard to stretch my legs so I can do a zoomie or two. I’d […]

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Mango (homed)

Hello! I’m Mango and I’m every bit as sweet as everyone’s favourite summer treat! Someone said I was a bit of a princess (rude!) because I love being the centre of attention, and I’m not really big on sharing my toys and treats (can you blame me?), so a family without other pets would be […]

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Clifford (homed)

Hi, I’m Clifford! I’m an extra special boy looking for an extra special home. I wasn’t in the best condition when I arrived here at GR, and I had to have lots of my teefs removed because they were causing me lots of pain. I’m all healed up now, but I’ll a family that can […]

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Winnie (homed)

Hi there, I’m Winnie and although I can be a little shy at first I’m getting used to all this love and attention from the volunteers! I definitely won’t say no to a good ear scratch if you’re offering. I get along with most other friendly big dogs – but I especially love the company […]

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Valerie (homed)

Hello! I’m Valerie. I’m sweet, playful little girl  – if you can throw a tennis ball for me you’ll have a friend for life! When I’m not chasing balls around, you won’t find me too far away from the nearest humans to ask for a good ear scratch! When it comes to the company of […]

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Selina (homed)

Hi, I’m Selina. I might be teeny tiny girl, but I’ve got an extra big heart! I can be a wee little bit shy around new things, but let me tell you – it doesn’t take me long to work out what all the good things in life are.  I’m a sweet and playful little […]

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R.B. – ‘Red Bandanna’ (homed)

Hi there! I’m Red Bandanna or R.B. for short. They tell me I’ve been named after a man who wears a red bandana, that writes a lot of important things to help hounds like me that need a home… I don’t know who this man is, but he sounds just greyt to me! I’m a […]

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Pippin (homed)

Hello there, I’m Pippin – a pretty little princess here to steal your heart! I’m a confident and happy girl, with just enough of a cheeky streak to make life more fun!  I love to play with my toys and do a zoomie or two but then I’m more than happy to lounge around. Oh, […]

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Halo (homed)

Hello! I’m Halo (because I’m an angel, obviously!). I’ve been living it up in foster learning the many ways in which a greyhound can enjoy a couch. Unfortunately through no fault of my own, my foster family aren’t able to continue with my placement – so I would love to find a new foster home, […]

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Prinny (homed)

Hi, I’m Prinny. I’m an older girl who’s just turned 9 and I’m really looking forward to finding a furever home of my very own! You see, I’m quite timid and will need an extra special family who will take the time to gently and patiently bring me out of my shell.  This big wide […]

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