Willow the Ray of Sunshine

May 14, 2024 | Success Stories

The beautiful Willow certainly knows the good life in her new home with Lauren and Ashley. She appreciates a good pampering, happy with a good brush as often as possible, and happily bounces her way through her walks. 

“Willow stole our hearts the moment we met her,” says Lauren. “She is so joyful and a snuggle bunny. She is the Queen off FOMO, and is extremely enthusiastic in meeting everyone, humans and dogs alike.”

Lauren says Willow loves her walks, and that they joined forces to participate in the May 50K for MS. 

“Willow and I participated in the May 50K for MS. We completed our 50K a lot quicker than I thought we would… she bounced her way through our walks, sunshine or rain!”

And while Lauren says that Willow is a confident and cheeky soul, there are a few things she would prefer not to be around. 

“Willow does not like thunder, gardening tools or loud noises,” explains Lauren. “We are working through her gardening power tool fear day by day with a little exposure on her walks. It’s a challenge, but we will get there together.”

Lauren and Ashley learnt with Willow the importance of “keeping your pups world small to begin with”. 

After finding herself explaining to those around her that our hounds don’t understand commands like sit, having not had a traditional puppy upbringing, Lauren urges others to work at their own pace. 

“Don’t stress, just explain the commands your pup understands,” says Lauren. “Willow knows some commands, not many, but we get by. We are also in the middle of training school, and she is soon going to one that specialises in greyhounds. Not only is Willow getting training, but we are too.”

“Wait to start training for four to five months, once you have established a bond.”

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