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Hi there, I’m Cody. I’m a fun-loving dude with a spirit for adventure – I just love getting out and about and going for walks! So if hitting the pavement if your jam, then I might be the boy for you! I LOVE people (though I’m better with children aged over eight or so, please) […]

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Jersey (on trial)

Hi, my name is Jersey! They probably call me that because I remind people of a Jersey Caramel, though, but I like to think it’s because of my sweet disposition. I am a small and bubbly girl with plenty of personality, perfect for keeping up with active hoomans, big or little. Did I mention I […]

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Claire (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Claire! I’m a laid back kind of girl who’s on the lookout for my forever home! If you give me a neck scratch, I’ll chatter my teeth with delight and be your friend forever! While I don’t mind the company of other dogs, I’d prefer if I can be your single object […]

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Storm (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Storm. I’m a quiet girl, and a bit unsure of all of these new things at the moment… but what I am sure of is how quickly I’ve learned how great cuddles and a good scratch are! I think I’d do best in a home with another doggie for some company and to […]

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Hi, I’m Scooter! I’ve been in foster for a very long time, and I’m not sure why… I’m just a big softie that loves a scratch and a cuddle and will follow you around everywhere… you never know where that extra cuddle might come from! I do enjoy a bit of a zoom around with my toys, […]

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Becky (homed)

Hi there, I’m Becky and I’m currently living it up in foster care. I’ve been sharing a home with lots of other dogs and my foster parents say I’m doing really well. I love nothing better than a good cuddle (and I’m not shy asking for it either) and I’m a bit of a ‘velcro’ […]

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Dylan (homed)

Hey there, I’m Dylan. I am a relaxed cool dude looking for my forever couch. Well, I guess some would call me lazy… but that’s OK I’m more than happy just to laze the day away and if you’ve got a comfy spot to share with me – even better! When it comes to other dogs, […]

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Hiya, the name’s Keith but my mates like to call me ‘Keef’. Just like my namesake, I’ve become quite the rock star here at GR HQ, I’ve certainly got a lot of fans! I’ve got loads of personality and I’ve been told that I’m an excellent cuddler. I’m certainly not shy and just love getting […]

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Lavender (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Lavender.  I wasn’t at GR HQ for very long until I got whisked away to foster so I can learn the ropes of how to be a pet. I’m a little bit shy of new things sometimes, but quite curious and eager to learn! I’m enjoying the company of my greyhound foster […]

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Ola! I’m Churros and I’m a very special boy looking for a very special home. My eyesight isn’t the best you see – the dogtor says I have something called ‘bilateral retinal degeneration’… I don’t know what those all those words mean, I just know that I’m nearly blind and I was born like this […]

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