Slim (Homed)

Slim is proudly sponsored by Nicola.


Will the real Slim Houndie please stand up?


“The name’s Slim but they call me Slim Houndie

I’m after a home why don’t ya come get me?

If you’re lookin’ for experience I’m a dude of eight,

I like spendin’ the night in and sleepin’ til late.

I’m a handsome hound that likes to be my own man,

I can do without cats does that sound like your plan?

I heard that there’s couches all flying away,

They don’t have a hound – let me save the day….


Now this looks like a job for me,

So everydoggy just follow me,

Cos all greyhounds just gotta be free,

The couch feels empty without me.”


Slim is:

  • 8 years old
  • Desexed, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost: $350
  • Cat tolerant: No
  • Other Dogs: Best as only dog
  • Child Friendly: Yes

Contact for more information


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