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Byron (homed)

Hi, I’m Byron and I come with my ears all packed up and ready to GO! I’m a happy chappy who’s not shy about asking for a pat – I love the attention! I love a good play session and older kiddies are no problem for me – so maybe we could do both and […]

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Pretzel 🥨 (homed)

Hi, I’m Pretzel 🥨 and I’m definitely not salty! I’m a happy and affectionate girl who adores being around people. I love my food too, but I might love it a bit much and sometimes I’m not very keen on sharing, but I’m working really hard on my manners! I’m a pretty adaptable girl, I like […]

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Jeronimo (homed)

Hello! I’m Jeronimo. I’m a happy and confident boy with a big smile and a bounce in my step. I’m happiest just lazing away or seeking out a good ear scratch but but also quite the toy aficionado so I reckon if you’ve got a comfy bed and a good stash of toys for me, […]

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Peace (homed)

Hello! I’m Peace, as my name would suggest I’m a pretty chilled out dude. As I’m a quiet kind of guy, I’m usually happy just to sit around and take everything in… unless you have a squeaky toy for me, I just love those!! Because of my quiet nature, I’m thinking I’d be happy in […]

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Chilli (homed)

Hi there, I’m Chilli and I’m a sweet and petite little girl who’s light on her feet and heavy on the cuteness. I’m what you might call a real ‘velcro dog’, wherever you go – there I am! I adore sticking close by people and I’m really not shy about dropping massive hints when I […]

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Cedar (homed)

Hi there, they call me Cedar. Maybe because I’m tall? Definitely not because I stay in the one spot, I like to get out and about here at GRHQ to see what’s going on! Even though I love my walks, I haven’t seen a lot of the world yet so I’ll need to take it […]

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Jupiter (homed)

Hello! I’m Jupiter. I think it would be out of this world (sorry, not sorry) if you’d think about being my forever family! My favourite things in no particular order are toys, and chicken, and chicken just in case you missed it the first time! I’m very new to this whole pet business so I’d […]

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Jordy (homed)

Hi, I’m Jordy! I’m a big loveable guy with a BIG loveable personality! I’m a goofy athletic type looking for someone who likes to zoom about as much as I do. I loooove toys, showing off, having fun, and any bit of excitement really. I’d best be suited to a home without anything small and […]

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Burger (homed)

Hi there, I’m Burger! Yes, that’s right, the name’s Burger! I hear lots of people talking about where to get the best Burger – it’s at Greyhound Rescue of course! As you would expect, with a name like mine – I’m a fun-loving dude who just adores my toys and getting lots of attention from the […]

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Elvis (homed)

Hi there, I’m Elvis and I’ve been busy styling my ‘Elvis quiff’ so I can keep one ear out for my forever home! I’m a fun-loving kind of guy, when I’m not asking for a good scratch behind the ear, you’ll find me running around with a toy. Obviously, I like the company of other […]

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