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Alice (homed)

Hi there, I’m Alice. I’m a super-sweet little girl that just wants to be your best friend. Now, I’m not so sure about those little dogs, but I’m totally OK if you have little humans to be my friend! I really love being the centre of attention… which means while I’m getting a handle on […]

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Fez (homed)

Hey there, the name’s Fez. Don’t let my size fool you, while I am a big boy – I can assure that I’m just a gentle giant. I’m a chilled and laid back kind of guy and nothing really phases me. I’m happiest just hanging out and lapping up some affection. Being the laid back […]

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Pixel (homed)

Hello! I’m Pixel… maybe because I’m on the smaller side for a boy dog, but hey – good things come in small packages! I’m a super happy boy with plenty of personality, and I just want to be best friends with everybody. I love a good game of tug of war, or getting out and […]

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Layla (homed)

Hi, I’m Layla. I wasn’t in the best shape when I arrived at GR, but with lots of love and TLC from everyone here – I’m ready for my forever home! I’m a pretty laid back kind of girl and I love loads of cuddles… oh, and being the centre of attention of course! I […]

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Hi there, I’m Sid and if cool, calm and collected (don’t forget cuddly!) is your type, then I might be the guy for you. I’m a pretty chilled out and affectionate kind of guy, nothing much really bothers me… except for the heat, not really a fan of that – so if your place has […]

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Hi there, I’m Faith. I’m a super-sweet and fun-loving girl looking for my forever home… emphasis on the fun! Playing with my toys is my favourite thing ever, and I’m thinking if you have a family, that would suit me just fine – the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned! Oh, and I […]

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Teddy (homed)

Hi I’m Teddy, and I’m cuddly like a teddy bear too! I’m a quiet, calm and affectionate boy who doesn’t mind a cuddle or two, and just chilling out with people. Even though I’m a quieter lad, when I’m not chilling out you’ll see me go for a bit of a stretch and a zoom […]

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Lumi (homed)

Hi, I’m Lumi! I’m a happy, fun-loving guy and all-round cool dude! I have a particular soft spot for toys, so if you have lots of those at your place, I’ll be happy as a clam. Besides being a connoisseur of toys, my other favourite thing to do is hanging out with people big and […]

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Ridge (homed)

Hi there, I’m Ridge and I can assure you I am indeed both BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. I’m a big handsome boy with plenty of personality and not to mention a few smooth moves to you over. I’m what you might call a ‘life enthusiast’ – zoomies, toys, cuddles… I love it ALL! I’m a pretty […]

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Storm (homed)

Hi, I’m Storm and I’m looking for a new home. I’ve passed my Greenhound test, so no muzzles for me! This also means I’m good with other dogs (but would prefer to be the only love of your life), animals and children. I’m a calm and quiet natured boy and like all Greyhounds, super low […]

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