Tonya meets her match in Gracie the endurance hound

Aug 1, 2022 | Success Stories

When applying to adopt a greyhound, Tonya’s one request was that she’d like a dog happy to walk with her each day.

“I certainly got that!” she says. Gracie, who she adopted at eight months old, is in her element on a bushwalk and happily continues for an hour or more at a time, earning her the nickname ‘endurance hound’.

“She’s funny and quirky and a total nutcase when it comes time for a walk. If I don’t get moving fast enough to take her, she will run back and forth past me, carrying her lead and harness and then throwing them up in the air and pouncing on them,” laughs Tonya.

In fact, she’s considering starting a company called ‘Guided by Gracie Tours’, due to Gracie’s fondness for deciding each walking route.

“She is a real adventurer and must lead the pack,” says Tonya. “Interestingly, most of these tours end up at my mother’s nursing home by one circuitous route or other! She has visited Mum, who has severe dementia, a few times and is so good. So gentle and patient. Stroking her can change poor Mum’s mood from anger to happiness within 10 minutes.”

Gracie has fit right in with Tonya and did so right from the start. She loves her toys, but only for five minutes at a time, thank you, and even has a few houndy boyfriends living nearby.

“She’s fine with me going to work for up to seven hours. Watches me go through the blinds, few barks to start then I think sleeps most of the day. But when I get home, we must go out and have a power walk or I am in big trouble!”

“It’s been a lovely journey watching her become a sleek black beauty with plenty of confidence and sass. It took a while for her to tolerate hugs, but I think she enjoys them as much as me now.”

Tonya applauds the Greyhound Rescue process of carefully matching the right dog with the right forever home. “They were so patient in helping me to find just the right girl and she couldn’t be more perfect for me. I would – and do – recommend to anyone I meet to get a rescue greyhound. They are just so much fun! Loving, gentle, sensitive souls.”

And pretty good for getting your steps up, too!

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