Precious Panza got the chance to really live

Aug 1, 2022 | News, Success Stories

Sadly, beautiful Panza recently passed away due to osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that is more common in large dog breeds.

Though this devastated all who knew her, here at Greyhound Rescue we take heart in the fact she did find her forever home and was able to spend a small portion of her life as the treasured companion of Stella and Ed.

From the moment she was adopted, Panza was absolutely adored and delighted in discovering an array of new favourite things, most notably peanut butter! She also loved going for car rides, belly/chest scratches and helping with the gardening.

Captivated by Panza’s regal style, Stella and Ed were convinced he descended from greyhound royalty. Speaking with us before Panza’s death, they commented: “Despite her sitting with her paws crossed often and looking like she’s judging you, she’s actually the sweetest lady with the most soulful eyes to melt all hearts”.

“It has been so rewarding getting to see her personality shine through as she got more comfortable with us. Panza is such a funny girl without knowing it, whether it be magically appearing next to us when there’s a smell of roast chicken in the air or bag of chips opening, she makes us laugh on the daily. We call her ‘the scam artist’ at home because she would stand by the back door to tell us she needs to go to the backyard, but as soon as you get up to open the door she will run back and steal your spot on the couch!”

While it took around six months for Panza to be completely trusting of her new people, they knew “the moment she would come up to place her head in our chest for a cuddle” that she’d turned a corner.

“We 110% would recommend adopting a greyhound as it’s made such an impact on our lives in ways we hadn’t imagined, let alone how much we’ve been able to provide Panza a better life. Thank you, Greyhound Rescue, for bringing Panza into our lives!”

Though they weren’t to know she didn’t have a lot of time left and are now grieving their loss, by adopting Panza Stella and Ed really did ensure she lived the best days of her life, discovering real comfort, love without conditions and, of course, peanut butter

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