Angel wins fans wherever she goes

Jul 30, 2022 | Success Stories

Frequently mistaken for a whippet/greyhound cross, due to her smaller stature, little fawn girl Angel is making new friends every day of her life with adopter Peter.

“Her big smiley face has won many hearts around the neighbourhood on our walks,’ says Peter. “Big shoutout to all her friends at Kemeny’s in Bondi, her favourite shopping spot, where all the staff want to say hi.”

She’s also a firm favourite on Peter’s family’s WhatsApp chat, where everyone is keen to see her latest of her ‘silly legs-in-the-air poses’.

“She’s still cautious with other dogs – usually the yappie or the pushy ones. She has made besties with a friend’s little black poodle, Cosimo, so we go for walks together whenever we can.”

While she relishes a good run, like most greys Angel can think of nothing better than a quality snooze. And she has her pick of location! “There are now five beds arounds my one-bedroom apartment!” says Peter. “Six if you count mine, which she has recently figured out how to make her own!”

“She’s also quite industrious … She loves rummaging in her toy basket in search of a Kong full of treats, and when it’s loo time, she clearly lets me know. She also loves shredding paper from her ‘craft’ bins – aka the recycling bins!”

Peter says it’s been lovely watching Angel gain confidence and , of course, friends.

“There have been so many lovely moments so far – all really simple small things like her licking my face for the first time, as a ‘thankyou’ for breakfast or dinner. I work from home, and she spends a lot of her day beside me snoozing, until 3:30–4:00pm when she gets restless and playful and starts playing with her toys and coming to my chair to grab my hand (literally) and beckon me to play. I’m often on a work video call when she does it, so by default she gets introduced to my colleagues – who also love her.”

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