A Gallant Hound – Sir Lancelot to the rescue!

Jul 29, 2022 | Foster Stories

Foster carer Wendy was swept off her feet when her first foster hound Sir Lancelot came to stay. “Lance was quite a large hound but more like a gentle cuddly giant. He loved face massages, ear scratches, chasing balls and just laying around in the office while we were working during the day.”

As Lance was her first foster hound, Wendy knew that they both had a lot to learn, but was amazed at how quickly he picked everything up. “we were so surprised to how quickly he adapted and how comfortable he became in his new environment” she said.

“After Lance had been with us for about one week, he had this thing where he woke up each morning would then have a stretch and then come to each us for a pat then go back to his bed and back to sleep. Lance would sleep through thunder storms, possums on the roof and he even tolerated the brush turkeys towards the end of his foster journey! After a couple of months he also liked to admire himself in the mirror a few times each day.”

While she quickly fell in love with Lance’s gentle nature and easy transition to the pet life, Wendy never forgot that her goal was to get Lance ready for his permanent family.

“We loved having Lance here with us, but knew he was ready to transition to his forever home.”

What does she miss the most? “He was a very smart boy and we miss his quirky habits especially the early morning kisses and how excited he became when it was time for his evening walk as soon as we had finished our dinner that was it straight to the front door and his lead.”

What did Wendy learn from her first fostering experience? “We learnt how smart, loveable and adaptable these greyhounds are, especially for Lance coming into his first home environment ever and how quickly he adapted and settled in after only a few days.”

Will she foster again? Definitely! “It’s so rewarding watching them learn new things, and there is so much support through Greyhound Rescue. We can’t wait to foster our next hound.”

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