Goofy noodle Alfredo loving pet life

Sep 27, 2021 | Success Stories

Sweet, gentle Alfredo (FKA Hawk) was a little nervous when he left Greyhound Rescue for his trial adoption in July last year. Little did he know how much his new family would love him and how many squeaky toys and delicious dental chews would soon be in his future!

“Alfredo is the light and love of our life! He brings so much joy to us,” said Olivia. 

“Every greyhound journey is unique – we’ve loved seeing Alfredo become so confident and unleash his true personality over the past year. 

“He is such a gentle, affectionate and goofy noodle. He greets both humans and other dogs with a good butt sniff, loves a squeaky toy and most nights you’ll find him snuggling with his cuddlepillar.”

Alfredo loves adventures to the park, the beach, cafes, local pubs (you can follow his ‘Fredventures’ on his Instagram: Alfredo_the_greyhound) – and of course, the pet store.

“On an adventure to the pet shop, Alfie put the brakes on and refused to move until we went down the treat aisle. Once in the aisle, he sniffed all of the treats, before carefully sneaking one dental chew and making a break for it! Cheeky boy! 

“We cannot speak highly enough of adopting and being a part of a greyhound’s life.

“The journey can be tough at times, but the unconditional love and joy of life that we see in Alfredo makes it all worth it! We cannot imagine life without him. 

“Greyhound Rescue have been fantastic. Ever since our first contact with the organization, and Peter in particular, they have helped support and guide us through this new journey. They matched us perfectly with Alfredo and have been more than happy to help out when we needed it. 

“A big thanks to the GR team! “

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