Basil a delightful blend of cheekiness, snuggles, zoomies and gentleness

Oct 4, 2021 | Success Stories

In December 2020, Basil (FKA Quinn) was a very good boy and found himself a home with mum Lilly for Christmas.

It’s been almost 12 months since he made the long journey from our Greyhound Rescue kennels to the NSW South Coast (incl. the 20+ minutes he spent deciding whether or not to get out of the car on arrival!) and we are so happy to report that he is happier and more loved than we ever could have hoped. 

“Basil is the most delightful blend of so many beautiful greyhound traits,” said Lilly.

“Obedience when it’s really needed and perhaps a hint more cheekiness to keep us smiling. Bouncy playfulness just when things seemed a little too dull, or quiet snuggles with his head in our laps when we need some quiet. Enthusiastic zoomies around the yard and flailing Greyhound leaps, or hours of roaching on the couch. A quiet gentleness, but with a tail wag that can buckle knees on impact. 

“Basil is perfect. His favourite things to do are zoom, eat and sleep in equal parts!” she said.

Lilly, a wildlife carer, said Basil transitioned into pet life with a seamlessness that she certainly didn’t count on, but is glad for. 

“Basil was one of the easiest dogs to transition into our home, almost as if he was meant to be,” said Lilly.

“He is extremely tolerant of all sorts of animals! He particularly enjoys the company of his smaller Kelpie sister.

“Recently, I hand reared a lonely Wood Duckling and upon careful introduction to Basil, she decided he must be her new mother. Basil was mortified! He quickly made haste to the nearest couch to stand upon the safety of its higher ground. 

“Basil is proof that there is a greyhound (or two?) for every family. We can’t put the ease with which Basil fitted into our family unit down to luck – I believe the team at GR chose him for us with our lifestyle in mind, and we are grateful for their judgement.

“Retired Greyhounds need pet homes to give them the love they so deserve, and you might just find you need a Greyhound and hadn’t quite realised it until your couch was a bit hairier, your bed a bit warmer and your dinner a little less safe.” 

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