A fresh update on sassy girl Mint

Mar 4, 2021 | Success Stories

Six-year old cowhide girl Mint was adopted by her forever family in April 2020. Not only did she find hooman pawrents, she also got herself a furry greyhound sister, Sox and a slightly smaller and more compact brother, French Bulldog Gus! After a slow start to the friendship, Mint, Sox and Gus are now best mates! Read on to see what Mint’s mum Kira has to say about the last 10 months of Mint!

Mint is a social butterfly and has found her place in my big family. She spends her days with her two besties – Sox, our other Greyhound and Gus, a French Bulldog. Mint is confident, friendly and playful. She has a box full of toys and her short bursts of energy are very entertaining to watch. 

Mint is one sassy girl with a mind of her own! She will not be persuaded to move off her prime position on my bed without a treat. She has taken ownership over one the lounge with the chaise – a very strategic move!   

Mint has decided she likes water and enjoys digging the water out of her clam pool on hot days. Another way she keeps cool in summer is snacking on Greek yogurt pouches, one of her favourite foods. 

Mint loves riding in cars and exploring new environments. She loves to run (of course) and stretches her legs at the dog exercise areas and at the cricket field. She tires quickly and is more than happy to rest for most of the day on HER lounge.  

I recommend adopting a greyhound to all my family and friends. When people meet our hounds, they are pleasantly surprised to experience their gentle, calm and friendly personalities. They are affectionate dogs who love to be close to their owners. 

The adoption process was a pleasant experience with Greyhound Rescue. I was supported as I settled Mint into our family. Through regular contact I was guided with strategies and encouragement. Mint soon built trust and realised her home with me is a safe place. 

Sharing our home with our greyhounds has brought joy and happiness and we are so grateful to have found Mint and Sox.

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