A forever family for Spyro the greyhound

Sep 11, 2020 | Success Stories

Five-year-old Spyro, formerly known as Bronx, first stepped foot in the Greyhound Rescue kennels with his mother Dulcie in September 2019.

This big black-and-white boy spent a month at the kennels before he headed off on trial. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the right fit and Spyro came back to the kennels for another couple of weeks. ENTER JESS AND ALAN!

“We volunteered with Greyhound Rescue before adopting our hound so we knew they took good care of the dogs and made sure that we got the right fit for our life,” said Jess.

“Spyro was very timid when he first came home with us and needed some extra care to help him get used to home life.

Jess and Alan carpeted their deck stairs with Astroturf, fitted a doggy-doo and gave Spyro the space he needed to figure out things in his own way.

“Now he’s mastered the stairs and shows us every day what a complete goofball he is,” said Jess.

“In his first week with us, we left a loaf of bread out on the countertop for all of five minutes. When we came back to the kitchen, he’d already stolen the load and ran outside to feast on it.

“We learned the hard way to always keep our bread out of reach!

“Spyro has fit into our family so well. He loves his Nonna and Pop (and his cousins Billy the boxer and Han Solo the cat) and is very friendly when people come to visit our house.

“He’s also finding his confidence with strangers when we take him into town for a coffee – people always comment about how handsome he is!

Jess, Alan and Spyro recently celebrated Spyro’s fifth birthday by being reunited with his brother Mickey, sister Cleo and mum Dulcie – all Greyhound Rescue success stories.

“We feel very lucky to have Spyro in our lives; he’s the best boy,” said Jess.

“Greyhounds often come from unfortunate backgrounds and they deserve the best homes people can offer. They’re such gentle and loving creatures. What you lose in couch space, you gain in friendship.

“We couldn’t be without him in our lives and we’re now planning a dog-friendly holiday in southern NSW.

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