Alice in wonderland with her furever family

Sep 6, 2020 | Success Stories

When beautiful little Alice hopped in the car with her new pawrents and sisters in April 2019, more than one Greyhound Rescue volunteer shed a tear.

Alice offering her ‘support’!

This lucky girl went from being adored at the kennels to living her best life on the Northern Beaches. She’s been on holidays, had trips to the beach and helps her mum by delivering important articles of clothing to her after a shower (see pic on the right!)

Alice’s mum Cara says Alice just loves to be loved. “She has a beautiful, sweet personality, but she has a cheeky side too! It comes out when she eyes off the lounge – we all make space for her to jump up and have a cuddle.”

“When we adopted Alice, she’d never lived in a home before so was a little shy and nervous to begin with. With lots of love and patience she has blossomed into this beautiful soul. It’s been amazing to see her come out of her shell and watch her experience all the best parts of pet life for the first time.”

According to Cara, Alice’s favourite things are walks (“Whenever I put my shoes on for a walk, she starts jumping and dancing around with excitement”) and when her family comes home!

Alice and her furever family

“She hears us as soon as we pull into the garage. She gets so excited and LOUDLY voices her opinion that we are not moving fast enough into the house to give her a cuddle.”

“Her teeth start chattering away because she’s so happy – similar to a cat’s purr, it’s a greyhound thing!”

“We all absolutely adore Alice and couldn’t imagine life without her. She has slotted in perfectly into our family and is so lovely with our 2 girls.”

“We would definitely recommend to everyone that adopting a greyhound from Greyhound Rescue is a fantastic experience. They took such care making sure we were the right fit for Alice, even coming to check our house and yard was suitable. And the support after we brought Alice home was great!”

“If I had to say one thing to anyone considering adopting a dog but who aren’t sure if a greyhound is right for them – it’s to forget your preconceived ideas about the breed. People often think they are high maintenance and need a lot of exercise. Think the opposite! They are couch potatoes, don’t need much exercise, and don’t shed.”

“You’re also giving a dog an amazing life, and the chance to be part of a family. And they will love you a million times back for it!”

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