Big softie Tama Nui finally home in Sydney’s Inner West

Sep 2, 2020 | Success Stories

‘Tama Nui’ means ‘big boy’, a fitting name for the giant, cowhide grey who has spent the last 12 months settling into his new home in the Inner West with Simon and Ceara.

“He gets complimented regularly about how he is such a ‘big boy’ and how beautiful and soft he is – which is true of his personality too!”

“Tama is learning to be a pup again. He’s still very young at heart, gently inquisitive and is good with kids, particularly his little human cousins.”

According to Simon, Tama has come such a long way in the last year. He has gone from a shy and nervous, solitary sleeper to an absolute cuddle-seeker on the couch and bed. He also goes out of his way to make friends to lean on.

“When we first saw him cockroaching on the couch, we knew he was finally feeling at home.”

“Tama jumps for joy when his people come home because that means he’s going for a walk! He also patiently waits to get his dental chew after his breakfast and dinner and will be your best friend if you have treats in your pocket. We recently found that he also loves to chase remote cars at the local dog park with his fur friends.”

“He loves his little Basenji sister – they are inseparable! They like to do zoomies together up and down the driveway and are usually buttcheek-to-buttcheek on the couch or lazing in the sun.”

In addition to finding comfort in his new forever home, Tama has embraced Simon and Ceara’s van as his second home, joining in van-life camping trips around NSW.

“He celebrated his 5th birthday with us and his mates camping in the Shoalhaven region.”

“Thank you to Greyhound Rescue who paired us with our fur-son. He has completed our little conjugal family. We encourage anyone thinking of getting a dog to foster or adopt from Greyhound Rescue.”

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