Charming Cody living his best life

Sep 15, 2020 | Success Stories

Greyhound Rescue volunteer Leanne adopted Cody (formerly Sonic) in June 2019. After a slightly rocky start with Lucy, Leanne’s little Jack Russell Terrier whom she had adopted two months earlier, Cody and Lucy are now best buds and he’s living his best life! Hear from Leanne below on what life is like for darling Cody these days:

“We adopted Cody (formerly Sonic) a year ago and even though it took him several months to really settle in, it feels like he has been with us forever.

He is a very happy dog who loves meeting new people & is always ready for a new adventure. He gets sooo excited when he realizes we are going out in the car.

Cody’s favourite thing is doing zoomies in the backyard while being chased by Lucy. While it took time and patience, Cody is bonded with his sister and now they do everything together.

Of course, the Jack Russell is the boss and she’ll often get in his bed and try to push him out!

Greyhound Rescue really care about the dogs in their care and the new lives they will embark on. The follow-up after adoption and the assistance provided throughout the adoption process is proof of that.

Helping Cody adapt and watching him enjoy his new life has been so rewarding.”

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