Learning with Yoda, a Jedi-hound’s journey

Jul 8, 2022 | Foster, Foster Stories

When Jacinta fostered Yoda, she knew it would be a steep learning curve for both of them. Yoda didn’t know anything about the pet life when he went into foster. “To both of our surprise he fell up the stairs when we first arrived at my place…which I didn’t think was possible, bless him!”

Yoda had never tried stairs before, but with some treats, lots of encouragement and some assistance guiding his back feet, he soon had the hang of things. “After about two weeks he was charging up the stairs, from being terrified of them to acing them. What a star!”

One of the things Jacinta found most rewarding about fostering Yoda was watching him come out of his shell. “He didn’t really like pats at the start, but wanted to be in the same room. He was so awkward and standoffish at first, but by the end of a few months he would come up for morning snuggles and then drag me out of bed for the next adventure”.

“To anyone considering fostering a hound I would say brace yourself because you WILL fall in love with them!” Jacinta says. “When Yoda found his new home I was firstly so excited but also a little sad. But hearing how well he is doing and how he has fit into his new family’s life makes me so happy and proud of how far he has come.”

Jacinta says her fostering experience can be summed up as immense pride in every milestone Yoda hit. “Also, I laughed a lot – because gosh is he goofy!”

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