Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – but it led to a fish hook in Carter’s nose!

Jun 20, 2022 | Success Stories

Greyhound Rescue finds loving forever homes for greyhounds no longer wanted by the racing industry. We interviewed Bethany and Tom, who adopted greyhound Carter in August 2021, about their adoption experience.

Tell us a bit about Carter and what makes him special.

Carter is a hugeeee people lover. If you crouch down Carter will immediately run over and stand on you for a cuddle (he is not aware of his size). He is so affectionate and loves scritches on the sides of his neck and will start to make a gurgling sound and lean his entire body weight into you when he is realllyyyy loving it.

Our absolute favourite thing about him is the look in his eyes when he is waiting for food, it is the ultimate puppy dog eye look and it melts us every time. 

What’s his favourite thing to do?

Carter LOVES toys more than any other dog we’ve met. He has a toy box that he will burrow through to find the specific one he wants to play with (which changes weekly). 

Have there been any funny moments since you adopted Carter?

Carter is veryyyy inquisitive and has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble because of it. On one occasion he helped himself to 6 mince pies from the kitchen counter and landed himself at the vet for a couple days. Just last week we came home to find a 3 prong fish hook shoved up his nose. We almost didn’t notice because he didn’t cry at all! But luckily he loves the vet and now has a reputation, each time they’ve been amazed at what a happy, people loving dog he is. 

How has he fit into your family life?

He has fit in perfectly with our family! It’s funny because obviously he can’t talk but he just seems SO happy every single day and each of our family members that visit he recognises them and loves them all so much. Every time someone pulls up outside we open the kitchen window beside the front door and he will jump up and ‘paw’ them to greet them. 

Was there anything special about Carter’s journey?

Carter would freeze a couple of metres from our house when we first got him as he was so overwhelmed with all of the new smells and sounds. He has gradually improved and now 6 months later he goes on long walks with no problem and has a very distinct proud-looking trot that we laugh at every time. He also was very uneasy with other dogs at the beginning but slowly he has made amazing progress and can now go on walks with our sister in law’s dog!

What would you say to someone thinking about adopting a greyhound?

DO IT. It is the most rewarding experience and if you are patient and persistent you will build the most incredible bond with your grey. The experience of adopting a greyhound adds such an element of gratitude and celebration to every milestone as it is all just so special and impressive. 

We are so incredibly thankful to Greyhound Rescue for giving us our Carter boy. I never knew you could love an animal this much and it’s crazy to think that we might never have met him and known this love if we hadn’t been matched with him.

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